This Women’s Day, I am overwhelmed to share my experience on the topic, “women mentoring women” in their profession and career growth. Being a multitasker – women need support, guidance, motivation, a nurturing soul during our failures rather than tantrums. Usually, we face challenges when we plan to move ahead to explore our career path. Moreover, women need inspiration, care and encouragement both physically and mentally to succeed in their passion. 

On this special day, I’m glad to express my views about my women mentor – who moulded my career from multiple angles. Imagine a friend becoming your mentor and imparting professional guidance as always when required and shaping you accordingly. As the proverb says,

“The beautiful discovery of friendship is that they can grow separately without growing apart”.

Before introducing the main characters of this article, let me give you the gist of our professional background and how we met each other. We are Nutritionists cum Food Safety experts with 11+ years of experience in the field of food and nutrition.

First meet: In 2012, I met my colleague (Asha) as a corporate food safety expert at @SAP Labs. I was new to this ambience as my prior experience was in a fitness club as Dietitian and food safety was out of the box for me during those days.

Asha taught and moulded me about corporate food safety procedures which opened a new door of opportunities for me in the future. Even though, we met only twice a week officially our bonding was stronger than we ever thought. It was just a year of our friendship, as I resigned from my job due to my pregnancy.

Trust me, we didn’t have any chats/calls/conversations after my resignation. Nearly 3 years later, we had a telephonic conversation as she had shifted near my home which was a surprise for me.

Second meet: In 2015, we met each other during our son’s 2nd birthday celebrations. So, it was just a last moment of conversation with her to prepare a cake for my son’s birthday as she’s good at baking yummy and healthy cakes. To my surprise, Asha agreed and we made it a memorable occasion.  


It was on this day, she asked me to get back to my career and she referred me to an opportunity. I was quite confused because of my toddler, long maternity break and how to manage home once I’m back to work? But Asha constantly motivated and gave faith to me that I can make it and in case of any professional help she’s ready to support me.

Here comes the restart of my career path, Asha imparted her expertise of knowledge to me without any expectations. Not only this, but she also introduced me to the world of content writing and referred me to an opportunity regarding the same. 

“Mentoring is a supportive learning relationship between a caring individual who shares knowledge, experience and wisdom with another individual who is ready and willing to benefit from this exchange, to enrich their professional journey”.

Today I’m working as a freelance content writer (Nutrition & Health) for well-known brands and yet to be part of some international brands. I wish to dedicate this growth of my career to the only women mentor in my life – Asha, the reason for writing this article.

Can you imagine a colleague tuning to be your friend and well-wisher, later becoming your mentor for all your dilemmas, queries and suggestions related to the profession and nurturing your ideas? 

Share your thoughts in the comments, of your women mentor and be part of my journey!