It gives me immense pleasure to write a few words about by mentor-Mrs Mala Pandurang – Lecturer, Dr B.M.N college of Home Science.


All throughout my life, I have come across many mentors but there is one special mentor who had the greatest impact on my life. I was very much confused about my command over English language. Everything changed when I joined a SNDT college for my graduation where I was exposed to different kinds of people. Mentorship has helped me in the transformation process. 


1. I always received valuable and objective feedback

She has always been giving valuable advice which we might not get from a direct manager or colleague for various reasons. She has been instrumental in providing insights into aspects of our career growth that. It has helped us to learn from the mentor’s own experiences.

2. She helped to create new contacts.

My mentor provided extensive support beyond professional advice to things like including me in various literary programs. She always extended a helping hand to grow my network, introduced new contacts, and opened unexpected doors.

3. I gained  wisdom from past mistakes.

As any good leader will tell you, failures are often the most valuable and significant turning points in a successful career. A mentor who is open about their failures can share what they learned from failures, help you side step avoidable mistakes, and ensure you survive and learn from your own inevitable setbacks.

4. I received a fresh perspective.

She helped us think about career decisions more clearly and objectively. She helped us with fresh perspective needed for problem solving.