Yes, you heard right! Weight loss is a journey and not Destination. Because you have to make continuous efforts to reach your Target. The path is not easy. There are many obstacles. But all you have to do is step forward, keep motivated and avoid attraction other than your Goal.

My motive Behind Weightloss –

Of course like any other girl, Even I am dreaming about Looking good and well-figured body. And fitting into those outfits, who were waiting for me for the last 4 years.

But, hold on, is that you need?? Ask yourself. Because During my Weightloss journey, I realized that only looking good and in better shape are not enough. They are byproducts of weight loss! The important thing I learned during this journey is, Having good stamina, feeling mentally stress-free, having good control over cravings, and last but not least is better hormonal balance!! These are among the important benefits of weight loss.

The diet I Followed-

I gave great Emphasis on “Quantified Nutrition”. I used to measure my Food servings. As well as my diet is based on how many total calories I need to burn in a day as well as per week calorie target.

I am a 37-year-old Female, 154cm tall and with a History of cholecystectomy and low BP.

I am a Pure Vegetarian. I was not fond of Junk Food anyway. But I am a “stress eater”. I used to get easily stressed and had “Sweet” food Cravings. So During Weight loss, I changed my Faulty Habits these are as follows-

1. Switched to Lots of Salads and Green leafy vegetables from no salad mode.
2. Started Taking Whey Protein Supplements for Muscular strength and body toning.
3. Supplements of Vitamin D3, for Good hormonal balance. Vitamin B 12 for Good hemoglobin, Good levels of oxygen. As I m Vegetarian.
4. Limiting Tea and Coffee intake.
5. Limited Refined sweets to only 10 gm White sugar daily.
6. Making Soya Products as Vegetarian source for Protein-rich Diet.
7. Avoiding Fried and Refined Foods Purposely.
8. Most important is switching to all “Homemade food”. I avoided eating in hotels. When there was no option I chose “Maharashtrian Khanaval” Food. Then Chinese or North Indian cuisine.

But, I want to note here that, I didn’t stop munching on my favorite sweets like Gulab jamun and
Besan laddu. I had them while managing my total weekly calorie intake.

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Move, Move and Move every step forward in your journey

I followed Customised workout plan from which made me possible to be deficit by 200- 250 cals daily.
Which is as Follows-

Monday – Upper body Strength training + abs
Tuesday – Aerobics
Wednesday- Lower body workout + Hips workout
Thursday- Belly Dance workout
Friday – Full body Strength training + side Abs
Saturday- Belly Dance workout
Sunday- Rest Day

With this workout routine, I used to go for evning walk or cycling of 3 km Distance minimum.

Remember, it is also important to feel the same energy level throughout the day. This is a small test to know that you are on right path of your fitness Journey. If you are feeling tired, irritated, stressed recheck your diet and workout regime again. And made changes accordingly.

Love The Body you are staying in-

How??? I used to take Body massage and steam bath once in a twice months. It is stress bursting. Also gives relaxation to your “hard working” muscles.(Please note that Body massage has nothing to do with Weight loss)

For Face and Hair, I am applying Omega 3 fish oil capsules. Just rupture one capsule and apply onto face and massage upward direction. Skin which is looking saggy due to fat loss, will start looking firm. And hairs will restore their Lustre and strength. ( As I have crossed 35 years of age)

Moral of the Story-

Self motivation is important than anything else. Keep yourself motivated by enjoying your own company. Avoid depending on “Fitness companion”.

Believe ,its “DIY”( Do it yourself”) journey!

1. Weightloss graph is never a straight downfall graph, its a “zigzag” graph.

2. Its very Important to know that, Your everyday hunger is not same. So neither the calorie intake. Hunger changes day by day. You will find changes in hunger during seasonal changes also. And Stamina for exercise depends upon your food intake.

3. Looking Healthy and Toned is Important than looking Drenched.

4. Taking proper Dietary Supplements are Important as being on low calorie Diet can cause Deficiency and Affect skin and hairs.

5. Maintaining at Target weight is more challenging than loosing weight.

6. Weight loss keeps you away from Many Diseases and you live longer.

During my This journey of 4 years (my before weight 67 kgs) I reached my Destination weight of 55 kg ” Twice” In!!

In between journey I got operated four surgeries and leg toe fracture and recently I was


COVID 19 Positive. In my after picture, I am weighing 57 .5 kg. And Journey will go on till I reach Destination of 56 kg this time. (I think it suits at this age ha$ ha$ ha..)

The Journey is still going on….

Happy Journey towards Healthy Being to all of you!!

Thank you one and all!!