I am here with another new write up, which is really very close to my heart. Actually topic name itself states the connection with that person. She is my mother ‘Maa’ what a beautiful and a magical word.

Maa word itself is a complete world. “Maa is a walking miracle”. We all are blessed to have with us lifetime this beautiful person. So, also l am blessed to have 3 Maa’s with me too. My mother, the one who gave me birth, my mother in law, and my Mentor (Mam, teacher). These 3 gorgeous ladies are every time with me shaping me, upbringing me, understanding me, helping me, supporting me, every time in every walks of my life. I cannot imagine my life without these 3 gorgeous and lovely ladies.

Let’s move ahead. How’s my life started? A cute and a healthy baby girl was born on 6th July 1984 in a Nizamabad in Andhra Pradesh as my maternal family is settled there. So it’s my birth place. Then came with maa to my paternal family Akola city in Maharashtra. I was bought in Akola. I belong to middle class Hindu family. By caste I am Guajarati. As you all know we Guajarati families are bit conservative. After years passed pursuing basic education and degree, my dad was not willing that I should pursue higher education and my dream was to become a Doctor. One fine morning my paternal uncle came and he asked me to visit graduation colleges for admission. You know what! I got admissions in BSc. (H.sc.). But I remember the day when my maternal uncle said that a well known family is coming to see you for marriage. I was stuck, started shivering, crying but was so overwhelmed that could not speak a word. 

Then after bit settling down I asked my paternal uncle (Bade Papa) that it was my dreams to become a successful entrepreneur, now how will I do that??? and I started crying. He said don’t worry I am there for you. You will pursue your education and you will be a successful persona in future. 

It was 24th Feb, ‘he’ and his family was at my house.

What ? You are not getting who was ‘He’? 

He was to whom my marriage was fixed! My engagement was on 3rd March and got married on 5th July 2006 with an Interior Designer. My husband is from Beed and settled for his further education from Nagpur and so after my marriage we both settled here in Nagpur. With all these I was pursuing my education. Completed my BSc. after my marriage and then my beloved life partner further supported me to pursue higher education. He went to a college for my admission for P.G. Diploma in Dietetics. He use to visit to the college daily for my admission. One fine day one of my Mam asked to my husband to bring the candidate I need to meet her and want to ask her really she wants to study. So that morning I went with my husband to the college as for me it was a new city so was depended on him. You know what there I met with a wonderful and gorgeous lady with a warm gesture Ms. Kavita Bakshi Mam and she asked me certain questions and gave me admission. She is a very humble and polite person. She used to teach us Nutrition subject. She used to help us for every single and small things we used to get stuck with. As I was newlywed it was like difficult to manage my home and my studies, as it was compulsive to visit college and lectures daily. So she use to motivate me daily that don’t worry, don’t take stress you can do everything properly. She always asked me to study daily complete my assignments on the time, as it will lessen your burden of studies. 

Slowly our relationship was advancing and I was feeling that she is like my Maa. She used to teach to me, help me, tease me, and scold me on my mistakes. As slowly I started discussing about my married life with her, and she started helping in that too, to maintain a healthy relationship with my new family. Actually she has a motherly gesture and so she is my Mentor cum Maa. 



Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children. So was I as away from my mother. Of course my mother in law was there with me to help, she also used to take care of me but still it was a new relation. But actually she was so kind, so humble that it was very easy for me to connect with her. She use to teach whole heartedly and so we could learn easily and within no time. If at all I need any help she use to say I am your Maa and you can call anytime. 

Really Thank you so much all mothers for helping me and shaping my career to become a Dietician. 

This is for you Mam,

Aye Rab, Meri Maa ko hamesha salamat rakhana!

 So is all about my Mentors. I am really short of words to speak about my mentors. Last but not the least I would end my words with 

I am a strong woman because strong women raised me!