Prefer these fluids to increase your water intake

It’s summer time and we lose lot of water and electrolytes from body in the form of sweat. If this loss is not replenished, dehydration is a possibility.

In summers we also feel thirsty often. But many people prefer sweetened and carbonated beverages like soft drinks, sherbat to quench thirst. This can again lead to various health issues

It is therefore important to understand which fluids need to be prefered and which need to be avoided.

Prefer these fluids:

1. Water
2. Coconut water
3. Lime water with a pinch of black salt
4. Kokum water with jeera powder (without sugar)
5. Solkadhi
6. Home made vegetable soups
7. Vegetable smoothies
8. Buttermilk (with a pinch of salt and jeera powder)
9. Jal jeera
10. Watery fruits like watermelon, muskmelon
11. Herbal tea, green tea
12. Dal water, kanji
13. Unsweetened milkshakes

Avoid these fluids:

1. Carbonated beverages, soft drinks
2. Sweetened beverages (serbat, ready to make sugary drinks)
3. Nira (unless you trust the source and purity)
4. Fruit juices
5. Tea, coffee
6. Sweetened milkshakes
7. Alcoholic beverages

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