Mind is an important apparatus which cultivates, perpetrates, conforms and sometimes destroys your inner mental house!  The same of which you claim to be the sole owner!  So how does something which is yours turn against you? Why is this inner mental house sabotaged by external factors? Such unseen occurrences can be genetic or environmental or both. This causes the mind to crusade through several coping mechanisms in order to maintain balance.

Imbalance Witnessed

The balance may have lost its vigour and robustness in the process of calming the mind. The mind equated to a monkey jumps from one end to the other forming a culmination of elaborate and complex occurrences which it despises. This leads to despair and hopelessness which causes the mind to ‘split’ itself in order to cope up with what is thrown at it. The provocation makes the mind grow out of its disarrangement causing a split inside itself!  Such a split of the mind is what we call ‘Schizophrenia.’

Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. Schizophrenia may result in some combination of hallucinations, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behaviour that impairs daily functioning, and can be disabling.

The reality is so skewed that the imagination becomes the very essence of character and then that very imagination translates into an alternate reality which defines the person’s existence. The imagination makes the person detest reality as the same becomes a threat and then an ultimatum! Such threats give rise to vivid episodes of hallucinations and delusions far too often.

Heightened Interface

The contributing factor to consider here is that how does such an event make one grow into something better and emerge into something far more superior?  Is that possible? When the said formulation is a coping mechanism of sorts!

One identity is the interface the person has created for himself through his life journey and varied experiences and the other identity is the interface the person has designed to face the challenges. This is where the precise game of life begins!  In such processes and procedures the ‘psychosis’ inculcates a severe mental disorder  that drives the thought and emotions to be so impaired and disabled  that the contact is lost with external reality!  The internal compass defeats the external compass.

Imagination Leading to Chaos

There is no rule of agree to disagree here for the mind of such a person undergoing psychosis. The mind questions the pain anguish, unrest and despair which it foretells to the inner world. It is suggested ways of hallucinations and delusions that do indicate elimination of the external world. This feeling of eminence is what gives a person during the onset of psychosis so much strength to do things one has never ever done!

Since day-to-day activities get tampered the difficulty and struggle with concentration, focus and memory may present itself. This when the ‘beautiful’ mind gives way to a disarray of judgement and the vital force of life goes for toss! This is all a question of perspective though.

Change in Perspective

If the perspective does not bend towards psychosis, find way for profound stress and elevates itself to heightened levels of worry; what happens?  It confers itself towards been ‘Neurotic’ which means you’re afflicted by neurosis! Neurosis is to describe mental, emotional, or physical reactions that are drastic and irrational. At its root, a neurotic behaviour is an automatic, unconscious effort to manage deep anxiety. It is said that a neurotic behaviour is the sign of a genius!  If you harbour the traits you can move towards excellence only if you can identify it in your mind.

A vision which supports innovation and transformation to be the key form of occurrence! So, you turn your flaws, weakness, pain and anguish which causes you to be anxious into what is unattainable. So, when a person with heightened passion falls in line with his inner self, he creates an unconquerable version!  As the skewed balance becomes a blessing as well as a curse.  If you become averse the reality you become a genius and if are cornered by imagination it becomes your curse.

Healing Provided

So, the best cure and the greatest form of healing exists with the mind itself!  If you can cultivate your mind to be your trusted friend then it will click like magic!  Every person who is living with a disorder; is well aware of the same!

The whole concrete idea is to design an internal mental asylum in your mind in which you are the patient as you are the sufferer, you are the doctor as you are the healer!  If you can make that happen then you are a genius with a ‘beautiful’ mind in a time when most people are living with mediocrity.

You have not only created a version of alternate reality but have taken shape and are living in it. You have made others believe in it so much that they have come to a realisation that you own something which is robust and hence they require you to normalize and fit in!

Nothing like Normal

This is a point to remember that you will struggle and brawl to fit in as what is normal any way?  As it is to be believed and ventured that there are 7 million versions of normal worldwide!  So, the quest is not to fit into a herd mentality but to become the very torch bearer of your life. Once you do that you are respected for your uniqueness and you can co-exist with the mediocre.  You are no longer defined by your inbred personality as you have superseded it.

So, a sense of reincarnated perspective is what defines you and you build your mental state in your very inner mental asylum. Your inner mental asylum creates its own destiny and pathway; you do not become a victim to it but set an example of sorts by harvesting two worlds nested in truce within.