Lifestyle Modification Programs

Lifestyle Modification Programs2020-04-03T10:02:27+05:30

Gone are the days when rarely or completely kept themselves away from the vacations, took only emergency leaves and waited for the retirement each passing day, only to get rid of this monotonous routine dreaming about happy retirement. But the majority of people were still healthy. The workload was moderate, they were physically active, were carrying homemade food tiffins to work & stress was not dominating their lives as much as it is in today’s world. Is it the same situation today? No

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Ready for Lifestyle Modification programs for your employees , share your details and we will call you to discuss it further . Fees depends on no of employees , health screenings if needed , risk factors identified for the program and duration of the program

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What are the benefits of taking part in this program?2020-02-03T18:13:50+05:30

You’ll get to know your health scores & risk profile.

You will be offered a personalized lifestyle modification program (diet counseling, exercise regimen, and stress management techniques) based on your health status.

Through this, you will get a chance to prevent or manage obesity, diabetes & heart diseases.

You will be periodically assessed to track your progress!

Information provided by you as well as all the results will otherwise be kept confidential 

Advantages over annual health checkups?2020-02-03T18:09:13+05:30

Most of the time, annual checkups provide blanket tests & reports are left unattended without proper interpretation & action over the abnormal values. This program provides you an opportunity to take action over your risk profile & manage your health in a better way.

I am already on treatment.2020-02-03T18:08:11+05:30

You can still participate as lifestyle improvement always helps & acts in synergy with your medicines

How much time will I have to give?2020-02-03T18:07:18+05:30

It will take only 20 minutes for your blood collection, Health Checkup  & other tests on the first day & at the end of 1 year. Otherwise, all the advice will be given on your emails & mobiles; which will take hardly any time. Also, you need to follow fitness challenges which will be part of the program. 

I am just 25. Do I need to take part?2020-02-03T18:05:39+05:30

Age at diagnosis for diabetes & heart diseases is coming down day by day. Thus it’s the right time to act & prevent these conditions rather than treating! There is no age bar for participation.

How will I get the reports?2020-02-03T18:04:56+05:30

You will get your reports on your App , email & as a hard copy as well, from NABL accredited laboratory (Thus are accepted worldwide).

Who all must participate?2020-02-03T18:03:46+05:30

Who are overweight or obese, have a family history of diabetes, do not exercise, love junk food, face lots of work stress. In short, all of you have some or other reasons to participate

Why should I take part?2020-02-03T18:02:39+05:30

As we know, India is considered one of the World capitals of diabetes. Diabetes & heart diseases are rapidly affecting IT employees because of their lifestyle peculiarities. So, you are the right candidate!

Participants’s Feedback

This program is helping us to know where we are and keeping us on good health track.

Rajesh Wakre, Forbes Marshal

This Program helpes us to Monitor Our Internal System to know more consist our BMI, Really Nice program

Asha Nair , Forbes Marshal

This is very good exercise to maintain health . Through this exercise we understood health diet and also how to improve for well being

Pranil P Chavan , Forbes Marshal

Good Suggestions for Weight Loss

Aditi Mutalik , Forbes Marshal

E mailers , Health Tips and Updates are very informative and useful .

Kedar Jambhekar , Forbes Marshal

Tips to make lifestyle changes

At Workplace Level 

  • Ask your management to have a Corporate Wellness Plan if you don’t have one.

  • Learn time management

  • Choose partners at work who shares the same fitness interests as you.

  • Challenge yourself. Celebrate small victories.

At Home 

  • Involve your family members in your plan.

  • Set up a routine and follow it.

  • Give priority to family annual health check-ups.

  • Take an active part in family matters. Spend quality time with them.

At Individual level 

  • Have a habit of jotting down the goals and progress you have made so far.

  • Spend at least half an hour alone.

  • Decrease screen time.

  • Pursue a hobby

  • Be grateful.