JFH Weight Watchers

JFH Weight Watchers2021-10-10T18:53:04+05:30

Weight Watchers is a special program for one and everyone who want to shed those extra pound. People who find it difficult to spend lot of money on weight loss and still dont get results.

Connect with us every Monday 5 pm to know more about Weight loss, Weight loss diet, Weight loss tips, Weight loss motivation, Weight loss recipes etc.

+ Team of Full Time Experienced Dietitians
+ Languages / Regional Languages covered
consultations till date over Phone / Video calls / In Person

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JFH Weight watchers

Rs 1500per month
  • Personalized Menu Plans
  • Activity Tracking by Google Fit
  • Group Discussions on Insta Live
  • Weekly Zoom Meetings
  • Group Activities , Challenges , Fun on Closed Whatsapp Group

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Ongoing Events

JFH Virtual Walkathon

Virtual Walkathon

This Republic Day Just for Hearts Presents Virtual Walkathon. This will be held virtually using own tracks.

You have to complete your Walk / Run anytime from 5.00 am on 26th January 2021 to 10.00pm. All participants ar hereby requested to follow COVID Guidelines. .

To Be Part of This Walkathon register your Name with us. And let us know distance you will be covering. Whats app your details on : 98509 11269

Fitness Challengs

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Success Stories

Ekta, the dietitian’s advice was very helpful, she asked me probing questions to understand my lifestyle and diet, well. She answered all my questions patiently and guided me with the right kind of diet

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It was very nice talking to the diet consultant Vijeta explained in detail the composition of diet plan Very informative

Your Content Goes Here, Your Content Goes Here

Really quite better service extended to your clients when organizations across the nation have made this service as money-minting one with scant regards to humanity, charity & morality. Your staff/counselor are well-mannered providing yeomen’s service to the patients/clients. Nice service & I hope the same will be continued & evolved day-by-day. One request – the service of counselling may be provided on Sundays/holidays for the betterment of the people.

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The diet consultation provided by Dr. Sheetal Sethi was one of it’s kind experience. I Truely appreciate the way Dr. Explained to me everything

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Counseling was very good, counselor had very good knowledge, she suggested me very nicely, she gave proper time to listen me and told all about very nicely, I highly recommend this counselor

Your Content Goes Here, Your Content Goes Here

Very professional consultancy and advise on my diet in a very simple language. She replied all my queries and she explained everything with examples and with logic. Really appreciate her advise and thanks for her time

Your Content Goes Here, Your Content Goes Here

It was a praiseworthy councelling The diet and lifestyle was fully explained in a very simple and best manner . On the whole it was an excellent one

Your Content Goes Here, Your Content Goes Here

Greatly appreciated for kind support.. I would love to continue this diet plan.. I need continuous support for my queries and progress following this plan. Reply to query email with time will be great help. Request you to share email ID required for further communications.

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Have Questions ?

Is it a paid consultation?2021-12-21T16:24:15+05:30

Yes, it is, Fees start from Rs 300 onwards.  

I am just 25. Do I need to take part?2021-12-21T14:31:11+05:30

Age at diagnosis for diabetes & heart diseases is coming down day by day. Thus it’s the right time to act & prevent these conditions rather than treating! There is no age bar for participation.

What will be the duration ?2021-12-21T14:16:24+05:30

We recommend 3-6 months for steady and healthy weight loss of 10-12 Kg 

Can I get any discount?2020-08-14T16:44:42+05:30

If you register in a group of more than 5 then you will get a group discount.

What if I have to leave in between ?2021-12-21T14:15:19+05:30

We don’t refund but you can inform us and in case of any emergency at your end we may consider and carry forward for next month.

Do you give any medicine or meal replacement powders for weight loss?2020-08-14T16:45:46+05:30

No! We don’t give any weight loss medicine or meal replacers for weight loss. Its completely scientific way of diet  with balanced meal.

Who will plan my diet?2021-12-21T14:14:49+05:30

Health coaches from our team will plan your complete routine. Who are certified dietitians from recognized universities with good experience in the field.

Do I need to starve ?2021-12-21T14:13:56+05:30

No! You have to eat a balanced diet. We don’t encourage skipping meals

Can I Visit You in Clinic? Can I Consult In Person?2021-12-21T14:07:33+05:30

We provide online consultation all over the world at the same time we have clinic presence in selected locations.

How Can I Select Best Coach or Doctor?2021-12-21T14:07:03+05:30

We are a team of Experienced Doctors and coaches. You need to select Doctors profile from “Providers” Tab on mobile app and book consultation with them.

How Notification and Reminders Help?2021-12-21T12:02:32+05:30

Notification and reminders help you tracker your food, exercise, regular check ups etc. Reminders also help you keep on track and get experts insights based on your tracked data.

Are These Plans Medically Supervised?2021-12-21T11:59:33+05:30

Yes! These plans will be supervised by MD Medicine Doctors and Team.

Do I need to change my doctor?2021-12-21T11:58:53+05:30

No! You don’t..

Is the app download a must?2021-12-21T11:58:25+05:30

Not actually , but we will recommend, cause you can add your health data easily in trackers as well as timely reminders and notifications‘ which are possible in app only, will help.

Do I need to starve in this diet plan?2021-12-21T11:52:59+05:30

No! Balanced diet will be planned with appropriate restrictions as per disease condition. We don’t encourage starving.

Do I need to visit your clinic?2021-12-21T11:52:32+05:30

No,  this will be a complete online consultation package (Telephonic/ googlemeet/ zoom/ whats etc.) Video consultations available which will help you in better understanding. 


When To Avail Text Consultation?2021-12-21T11:50:49+05:30