A promise of ‘Oneness’- IWD 2020

A ‘woman’ is always so busy being a mother, daughter, or a wife. Some women are the brave bread earners of their house, while some are honest house runners.

Amidst all these relationships and responsibility, every woman must celebrate their womanhood. Women’s Day is a call by the society to cherish these beautiful angels who make our lives here on Earth feel like heaven.

A promise of ‘Oneness’- IWD 2020.

Just For Hearts is a community which understands the importance of every gender, profession, and individual.

Hence, we provide some really special, and necessary wellness programs which are specifically aimed at making lives of Women in our offices easier.

We celebrate Women’s Day by encouraging and conducting over 100 + Women’s Wellness Programs. Here’s a list of our Women’s

Wellness Programs :

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Self Defense:

With the rising crimes against women, it has now become almost mandatory for everyone women to learn Self Defense. It not only protects oneself, but also helps in Anger Management.

Gynaecology Talk:

Education about sexual health and taking care of our body is very important. Thus, the Gynaecology Talk helps office going women to take care of their personal hygiene and sexual health.

Zumba Session :

Zumba is a great way to burn calories and remain fit. It can be a wonderful addition to your weight loss regime. Fat loss and physical health is boosted because of Zumba.

Diet Session:

Just working out is not going to help you achieve the body you desire. Diet is key to making any physical changes in your body. Be it weight gain or weight loss, nothing is possible without a great diet plan.

Bollywood Bhangra:

Bollywood always comes to our rescue when we want to unwind after a hard day. Allow Bollywood Bhangra to enter your life and make it healthier, fitter and happier.

Health Checkup:

A great way to be healthy and free from diseases is to get health checkups at proper intervals. Health Checkups can make or break your chances of fighting some terrible diseases which are hard to combat if not detected early.

Grooming Session:

The way we carry ourselves tells more about our personality than we might choose to agree. Hence it becomes very necessary to understand the basics of Grooming clearly.

Laughter Therapy:

Laughter is truly the best medicine. If one undergoes Laughter Therapy under proper guidance then Laughter Therapy can become a great tool improve one’s quality of life.

Aging Right:

Don’t let age make your heart grow old. Aging Right is a session which will allow you to age appropriately and gracefully.

Smart Shopping:

We are all consumers. In today’s world consumerism has become a norm. So, it’s extremely important for everyone of us to become a smart shopper.

Mindful Parenting:

Being a mindful parent while facing the constant obstacles in our career path is a huge challenge. Hence, the Mindful Parenting Session can help you to become a more mindful parent.

Yoga and Fitness:

Fitness will help you keep your body fit while Yoga strives to make both; your body and your mind healthier. Join in on this session and take your health to another level.

Date(s) – 08/02/2020
10:00 am – 05:00 pm



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