oxygen mask, It’s rightly said that “Health is your greatest wealth.” Healthy habits are the keyto lifelong wellbeing. In the chaos of today’s woman’s daily life, self care generally takes a back seat to household chores, work, busy schedules, kids, caring for ageing parents, and more. 

“I am swimming in responsibilities and too many commitments”, said a friend of mine the other day when we met. The discussion started with her ‘continuously coughing for weeks’ status and being unable to even visit the doctor due to her kid’s exams. I am pulled in multiple directions with the many roles and commitments. When do I have time to screen myself? she added. Hearing this I asked her “How will your family cope up if you end up in a hospital because you haven’t set aside time to look afte ryourself?”

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Most of us at times sabotage ourselves pushing against the clock working tirelessly to meet the timelines. We get busy prioritising family needs and work at the cost of our own health till the time our bodies start giving up and contracting illnesses like PCOS, anaemia, diabetes, thyroid, depression, knee issues, obesity, cardiovascular issues, cancer, infertility.

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But why do we neglect ourselves? Probably,

  1. Mindset– women feel guilty for taking time for themselves.
  2. Time – everyone and everything comes before our own specific needs; because there isn’t enough time. 
  3. Stress – multitasking puts a lot of pressure.
  4. Work– the need to prove that you are worthy of a position; equal career advancement opportunities at workplace.
  5. Family–women want to be there for each and every family member; that always obliging behaviour can cause guilt.

So what can we do to fix this?

As the adage goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup; building mind and body should start with women herself. We are more resilient when we are feeling our best both physically and mentally.

oxygen mask, So here are some strategies to help women overcome the common barriers to self care.

  • It’s all about changing the mind set.

Self care is essential in every stage; be it teens, pregnancy, breastfeeding, post-partum depression, infertility, menopause or diseased conditions.Women absolutely need to invest in self-care with compassion and no resentments for the best chance of implementing a lasting change.

Never ignore the pains, aches, exhaustion or stress. They are a sign of a problem. Ask why and find the root cause. There are so many women out there who are habituated to acidity and constipation because of their unhealthy eating habits. It can be dangerous in the long run.

“A healthy attitude is contagious. Be a carrier.”

  • Commit yourself and take action.

Set an intention to see, learn and “understand” at least one positive thing about your body every single day.

  • Find things you will enjoy.

The new healthy lifestyle should be fun. Hobbies, activities, workouts, meditation etc 

  • Learn to say NO.

It’s absolutely ok to let a few things go.

  • Be your own guardian angel. 

Schedule your regular check-ups and preventive screenings (like pap smear, breast examination etc) Consider genetic testing in consultation with a doctor.

  • Don’t fall for nutritional information.

Don’t get confused when, where and how to start. Consult a qualified dietitian for the needed guidance. Make an investment in your health.

  • Establish beneficial health rituals.

Like packing a fruit and nuts instead of having the extra cups of tea/coffee and unhealthy snacks, exercising regularly, etc. Create healthy habits not restrictions.

  • Take small steps over time.

Start with one and then celebrate your new habit and stick to it.

  • Minimize negative conversations or situations
  • Ask for help. Have a support system 

Look, Feel, Live your best

Today Tomorrow and Always!

Start the journey.