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Emotional pain can feel unbearable at times, especially if people lack support. It may sometimes lead to harming thoughts. We all have thoughts going on in our heads all the time, stories, reimagining of the past, beliefs and ideas. Many of these thoughts are not in our direct control and can show up in our consciousness in an intrusive manner, without any effort or intention from our side.

These unwanted intrusive thoughts, which are without our consent, can be beneficial or even disturbing and scary.

Sometimes the struggle isn’t real it in fact means that you don’t know what you want. In that case, how can you do something every day which propels you in the right direction?

It’s not always possible to control the thoughts but we can definitely control our responses to the thoughts.

Events + Thoughts = Emotions

Our emotions are always mediated by some form of thinking. If our thoughts determine how we feel, that means how we habitually think will determine how we habitually feel.

Self help books

The eastern world, was always ahead of time for this. The Bhagavad Gita and the Four Noble Truths Of Buddhism are essentially self-help for having a better, more fulfilling life, and are not simply old religious texts.

Don’t suppress the negativity

It’s ok not to be positive all the time, vent our your negative emotions somewhere don’t let them stay in your head for longer.


Meditation is another way to direct your thought patterns by creating a separation between yourself and your thoughts.

And finally if someone you care about is going through a tough time and had suicidal thoughts in the past, ask them directly if they are thinking of hurting themselves. Research shows that upfront questions may benefit them.

Remember you don’t have right to end the thing which you did not start!

Close your eyes, open your arms wide and hug yourself, no one will love you unless you yourself do.