Thoughts Suicidal : Everyone is in lock down due to COVID-19 pandemic since March. A lot of people are going through situations like losing a job, financial problems, family problems which leads to stress. According to WHO survey, every 40 seconds someone commits suicide and end their life. To create awareness,10th September is organized by the International Association for Suicide Prevention.
Today I am going to discuss few tips to avoid stressful situation:

1) Be Healthy Eat Healthy-
Balanced diet helps a lot for positive energy. Always choose fresh fruits (at least 2 fruits per day), green leafy vegetables. Eat fresh home-made food. Try to avoid food items which are too sweet bakery food which can result in increase of lethargy, sleepiness. Avoid food from outside or food which is oily and spicy,as it compromises hygiene and the energy used while cooking that food who is not known to us. Avoid watching TV while eating food because it can lead to excessive eating.
Try to create positive atmosphere while eating food i.e. try to have your lunch and dinner with your family members.

2) Meditation-
Before you start your day i.e. early in the morning spend atleast 20 minutes doing yoga. You can include Pranayam, Asanas, Deep breathing which gives you positive energy and helps to maintain good health.
• Sit in a comfortable position put your hands on your lap and your feet on the floor.
• Close your eyes.
• Take deep breath and breathe in and out slowly
• Imagine yourself ina relaxing place.

3) Talk with buddies-
If you face any problems, talk with your buddies. It could be your friends, spouse, family members, doctors. Do not keep any thoughts that disturb you in your mind for a long time. Talking to people always helps to solve or come out from your problems.

4) Hobbies-
Spend at least 30 minutes for your hobby. It could be listening to favourite music, watching movies, chatting with friends. Avoid spending the whole time with your mobile playing online games.

5) Exercise-
It is the best way for relaxing after your hectic day. You can spend 40 minutes either walking or jogging in fresh air or in-house exercises like- treadmill, cycling.

These are the tips to keep your mind strong and out of Depression! Stay Fit and Stay Happy!

-Ms Gayatri Rahul Kulkarni
Registered Dietitian