How to manage stress and keep suicidal thoughts away:-
Suicide is forever but stress leading to it is temporary. Acknowledging these stressful events and understanding them as a part of life and not a part happening to a person is very important.
Stressors in life are like race of hurdles, we have to face it, jump over it and win. It’s difficult but not impossible. Realizing one’s strength and weakness during bad times is must. It helps to fight against negative thoughts leading to suicidal ideation. Remember suicide is escape.

Suicide is escape from responsibility, from life and from death.

Managing stress:-

Coping with the stress: Healthy coping is dealing of stress by accepting the stresses, finding rational solution to it without affecting your physical health. Response to stress from long lasting sadness, suppressed anger, frustration can be modulated to calmly handling the situation without self harming emotions.

Meditation and yoga: Calming down the activated mind and body during stress is useful for better mental and physical health, sound sleep and personal growth.

Say no to drugs: Choosing drugs like alcohol, drugs, smoking to avoid stress is like choosing death over life.

Avoiding suicidal thoughts:-
Whatever thoughts you are having and however bad you are feeling, remember that you have not always felt this way, that you will not always feel same this way. Thoughts are temporary, as time passes, these thoughts shall also pass.

Knowing self worth: knowing that your life matters that you are important to world is must.

Recalling that you are not alone:- Every one is struggling over stress to overcome these thoughts and that suicide is not the solution, it’s just an escape.

Counselling:- Reaching out to professional therapist when the reality hits us and results in unbearable stress.

Sharing is caring. Sharing your thoughts, your feelings is essential.

Many therapies like CBT, mindfulness focus on present and gives us ways and options to deal past.
A quote to wrap

“Grief is like Ocean, it comes on ebbing and flowing, sometimes the water is calm, sometimes it is overwhelming…all we can do is learn to swim”