With pandemic hitting hard worldwide, every individual is in desperation to get out of this somehow.With laying off employee by companies to challenging our own sanity and peace, Covidhas taxed people in various ways. On world suicide prevention day, I would convey every threat and adversity can be treated, as a different way of perceiving things wholly.

Hopefully my inputs would help people to have more broaden perception of life and procure to the fact ,that life isn’t about getting hooked to a particular aspect of it and its only about healing with time and exploring more and more about self-worth.

What is stress?

As rightly quoted by few,Stress is a state of mind, it can cost you everything, if not taken charge over.

Who does not have stress?

Stress is simply a state of worrisome and result of haphazard emotional thoughts. Every problem comes with its solution and let us delve into ways to manage it.


Cope up with Stress and to get away with suicidal thoughts

    1. Take a break from situation which gives stress: – It can be your current job,business, relationships. By not thinking about stress triggered situation gives your brain to thinking productively, to generate productive results. A diversion and conscious decision of not getting stressed by the stressful situation can help you come up with prodigious results.
    2. No overthinking please! – Sticking to the fact, most percentage of stress is self-created and so are the problems. Overthinking can lead to forceful digging of problem, without offering sensible solution. Avoid taxing your brain with non-justifiable thoughts.
    3. Help Please! – There are handful of people globally, who can cope with suicidal thoughts and manage stress on by themselves. Humans need an external source of positive energy for problem solving and coping with storming issues. Seeking a help from trusted people or professionals, would help relieving stress, managing tsunami of thoughts.

  1. Be your First love: – The constant requirement for getting acknowledged by other can inbuilt stress, which becomes a point to talk about stress. Self-Love can make you more self-reliant and can give the courage to fight through any given problem and knowing importance of self-worth.
  2. Hobbies: – For most of us, hobbies are way to rejuvenate our energies. It can be anything which makes you forget to think the root cause of stress without focusing much on issue of stress. Hobbies can also get redeemed to passion and can give you the scope of opportunity.
  3. Right nutrition: From treating depression to preventing suicidal thoughts your food defines your mental well being extensively. From supporting medical therapy to functional medicines, power of right nutrition cannot be underestimated.
  4. Sleep it over:- It becomes crucial to break the vicious cycle of not getting good sleep due to stress and anxiety. Sleep relaxes brain cells and restores ability to think clear. Sleep is essential to cope up with negative thoughts and stress.

Suicide is apparently one of the leading causes of death worldwide and getting spot on help can prevent it. It becomes important to believe and agree to the fact ‘At the end of dark tunnel, there is a ray of light’. Life is beautiful and the only way to enjoy its beauty, is by appreciating bit of it.