The nine-day Navratri fasting is the best time to lose weight and detox your body. You can achieve this by maintaining protein and carb balance in your diet during fasting. The nine-day Navratri fasting is a great way to lose some weight and tone your body, it can actually go opposite and make you gain weight too if protein and carbohydrate balance is not achieved. Here are some obvious reasons why the nine-day fasting makes you gain weight. At the time of breaking the fast, so many of us go crazy and eat anything and everything, which makes us gain more weight.

  • Eating packaged foods, chips, laddoos, and more.
  • Skipping fruits and veggies while fasting
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Eating lots of Navratri food available outside which loaded of carbohydrates and fat, instead of eating home-cooked food.

Now that we know the mistakes that make us gain weight during Navratri, here are some tips that will help you lose weight and detox.

  1. Eat more vegetables
    If you are having vegetables it will keep you fuller for longer and thus stop you from binge eating. You can eat vegetables salads or vegetable soup.
  2. Have small and frequent meals
    Fasting doesn’t means not eating food and starving themselves. Doing so drops the blood glucose levels and takes away your energy. Instead of having just one meal one time, have small meals throughout the day.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated
    Not having enough water can make you feel hungry and weak while you are fasting. If you do not like plain water, opt for nimbupani, coconut water, vegetable juice, fruit juice to keep yourself hydrated. Feeling thirsty is the first sign of dehydration, so have water even before you start to feel thirsty.
  4. Get moving
    Fasting can make you feel tired and lazy and might want to make you rest more and move less. But this is not the right thing to do. Having a balanced diet won’t make you feel weak; instead, it will make you feel energetic and happy. So, apart from keeping an eye on what you eat, do not forget to indulge in some physical exercise every day.
  5. Opt for healthy home-made snacks for vrat
    Packaged food is so easily and easily available that we skip taking the pain of cooking ourselves. And this is especially true when it comes to snacks. Opting for a healthier home-made snack plays a major role in weight loss. Instead of the market-made vrat chips, laddus, chivda, and more you can roast some peanuts, makhana, or dry fruits nuts at home and have them instead.
  6. Opt for low-fat and high protein food
    Instead of opting for full cream milk or curd, go for low-fat cream, curd and milk. Even the low-fat options provide you with essential nutrients like protein, amino-acids, and minerals.

Fasting - Healthy Plate

I will suggest a few of protein-rich diet which will not disturb your fast as well give you extra protein to your diet which helps you to balance your carb-protein balance.

  1. You can eat different types of Dry fruits. They are a good source of protein.
  2. You can also eat Peanuts, chia seeds that also have lots of proteins.
  3. You can use KuttuKa Atta, again a good source of protein.
  4. You can eat Fresh Fruits and Fruit Shakes with milk, which will give you more protein.
  5. You can take Milk and Milk Products to add protein to your diet.
  6. You can eat Curd, Paneer, or Drink Lassi with jaggery or Buttermilk.

These are a good source of protein. They will help you achieve protein and carbohydrate balance as well as not disturb your fast rules.