This lockdown phase is experienced by all for the very first time. Most of the kids have a routine of going to grounds or play in society gardens or visits friends’ place some are involved in hobby classes. But due to lockdown, this all has suddenly stopped and parents are really worried about how to keep their kids involved. So here’s the opportunity to hear from expert Psychologist Nupur Agarwal.


About the expert- Dr.Nupur Agarwal   (Founder & Director Inpsync Health Services Plt.Ltd. ) She is dynamic & dedicated mental health professional, being backed by international organizations,who inspired to reach out to maximum people and help them be “Inpsync” with themselves for over 5 years now, having touched 3800+ lives so far.

In the session Dr.Nupur unfolded different parental reactions that are given to the child when it does something wrong or mischievous through a case study which made many parents to retrospect on their behaviour. During the Q-A sessions many parents insisted her to give solutions on the problems which they are facing with kids like aggressive behaviour, tantrums, increased screen time etc. during this difficult home arrest time on which she provided a very useful techniques.