Before lockdown we all were living in fast and furious life. Getting up early in the morning rushing towards our daily jobs and other chores work too. We were not paying attention to our health.

Majority of us were skipping breakfast and used to directly have lunch which was a rich meal. Daily meetings in offices or birthday parties or calling up friends for outing or any other social gatherings at late night, the menu used to be pizzas, noodles or beverages including coke.
Taking this kind of food items at irregular timings many of people used to complain that they are feeling severe acidic, lethargic and drowsy throughout the day.

Now the entire nation is in the phase of complete lockdown. In current scenario everything is changed. Everyone is sitting at their sweet home and no more tension of running to work outside or no more social gatherings to attend. Now everyone wants to build up a good health! So this is a good time to change our lifestyles.

We are what we eat. As we are sitting at home we can eat a healthy and balanced diet which provide us with a good nutrition and keeping us healthy and happy.

Most of us our eating food items such as cakes, chola bhatura’s, samosas or pizza which are all made up of oil, maida or sugar products which only provide just a taste and no nutrition. It leads us to feel hungry every two hours as it lacks fiber and combination of good carbs & proteins. It is leading us to acidity and other diseases conditions too. We can change this and start to eat healthy food items.

Start waking up early in the morning and have a glass of lukewarm water. Add few drops of lemon with some dry fruits or a cup of herbal tea will make you more energeti throughout the day rather than having a cup of milk tea which will make you acidic.

A good breakfast must include a good combination of carbs & proteins such as a mix veg paratha with bowl of curd or a one plate of poha with usal (low fat).

Lunch should consist of dal, rice, sabji, roti, salad and dahi which gives you satiety.

Dinner should be early and light but balanced.

Portion control and eating at regular timings is a key to be healthy. Whenever we are feeling hungry and our body craves for sugary things or tempted for eating deep fried food items we should control ourselves and replace them with healthier options such as lemon water, buttermilk, fresh fruits and nuts and oilseeds.

List of healthier food items:-

Makhana Chaat – Roasted 30 gms of makhana with some dry fruits.

Peanut or Sprouted Chaat – Take boiled peanuts or moong or rajma and add onion, tomatoes, cucumbers add on pinch of salt, chat masala, squeeze lemon and garnish with coriander leaves.

Healthy Pizza: Pizza base can be made up of bajra flour with toppings of fresh veggies and paneer or mushrooms.

Yogurt Parfait- Take a 20 gm of yogurt in one glass add upon fruits like mango, papaya, muskmelon, pomegranate and garnish with roasted flaxseeds.

Khakra Chaat – Take one khakra add a layer of curd and topped with onion, tomatoes and grated cheese or paneer

Power packed Seeds – Take seeds such as sunflower, pumpkin or flaxseed roasted and add some nuts like walnut or almonds and put up in a jar. You can have it 1 to 2 teaspoons daily.

These food options will provide with good amount of antioxidants and micronutrients too which will boost up overall immunity. Remember what we eat we have to burn it, so exercise is must.
A healthy diet keep our weight under control making us fit.

Hydration and balanced diet take care of your looks and keep your skin soft and glowing

“Exercise is King; Nutrition is Queen;

Put Them Together;

And You Have Got A Kingdom”

#StayHome #StayFit #StaySafe