Global pandemic COVID-19 has really brought me to give time to myself. From the beginning I was so anaemic although I ate healthy food I always had issues like feeling low physically and emotionally, anxiety without any major issues. Due to longer working hours I couldn’t really focus much on exercise; in fact it was not even a twice in a week. 

When the lockdown began, suddenly I realised that whatever I was doing was against nature. Hence I thought to cleanse my body through right food as I am a Dietician.

I started with the 3 days colon cleansing diet which really helped me to flush out toxins from the body. Here I would like to share my colon cleansing diet plan, this can be followed by any one from the age of 20yrs to 45yrs but consult your doctor before you start off with this (Individuals suffering from IBS, Diabetes, High blood pressure and carryingthe history of any other chronic diseases, pregnant and lactating women should avoid this diet plan).

I followed this 3 days colon cleansing diet strictly only for 3 days

Days Upon wake up Breakfast  Mid-morning Lunch  Evening snack Dinner  Bedtime 


½ tsp of black salt in 500ml of water Fruit- Muskmelon – 200 grams Boiled Ash gourd juice – 200ml Millet vegetable pulav with 1/2 tsp of flax seeds infused in one cup of curd Kadha (Tulsi leaves, black pepper and ginger boil 400 ml and reduce it to 200ml) add honey at the end Spinach and mint soup and steamed vegetables Boiled water with cumin seeds (1/4tsp)


½  tsp of black salt in 500ml of water Fruit- water melon – 200 grams Lime juice (1/2tsp chia seeds to be added)- 200ml Brown rice and moong dal khichidi with 1/2 tsp of flax seeds infused one cup of   curd Kadha (1/2 tsp cinnamon and turmeric  in 400ml water and reduce it to 200ml) add honey at the end Tomato and basil soup and steamed vegetables Boiled water with ajwain (1/2tsp)


½ tsp of black salt in 500ml of water Fruit – Papaya- 200 grams Butter milk-200ml vegetable cheela with 1/2 tsp of flax seeds infused one cup of curd  Kadha (2 cloves, 2 bay leaf boil 400ml water and reduce it to 200ml) add honey at the end Bottle gourd and mint soup and steamed veggies  Boiled water with Bay leaf (1-2)

Remember we are not just doing colon cleanse internally, our goal is to cleanse our body, mind and soul hence apart from following a above diet plan it is also equally essential to keep your lifestyle active with the below mentioned points. 

Sleep pattern One must sleep at least of 7-8 hours during these 3 days

Remember not to sleep right after your meal

Water intake Must be at least 3 liters as you are trying to cleanse your colon.

Its highly essential to keep yourself hydrated

Physical activity Since the above diet is lower in calories and you are on a process of cleansing the gut its suggested not to do vigorous activity hence you can stick onto Suryanamaskar, yoga or a mild walk for 30mins daily
Mental health It’s important to keep yourself free from any deviation, anxiety or stress

Diet doesn’t work well if you constantly dealing with stress remember we cannot divorce your mental health from the physical body.

Mediation 30mins at least during the day and 30mins before you sleep helps

The Art of chewing Avoid gulping. Eating too quickly, or talking while eating as this increases gas production

Avoid deviation while eating like watching television etc.

Traveling Traveling should be avoided during this 3 days

Post this 3 days colon cleansing diet, I felt myself so active and my anxiety really improved with meditation. Especially meditation before sleep really gave me tremendous comfort. It helped me to get better and longer sleep without any deviations. And then gradually I’ve come back to the lifestyle diet which has essential nutrients which are required for my body.

I included below food ingredients in my regular diet to improve immunity.

  1. Blue berry 
  2. Turmeric 
  3. Broccoli 
  4. Sweet potato 
  5. Spinach 
  6. Ginger 
  7. Garlic 
  8. Green tea 
  9. Kefir 
  10. Sunflower seeds 
  11. Almonds
  12. Orange 
  13. Kiwi 
  14. Red bell pepper
  15. Mushroom
  16. Nuts and seeds 
  17. Brown rice 

Lockdown really enlightened me. I was able to exercise.

As I mentioned earlier I always used to feel anaemic due to which I never thought of doing any physical activity. But due to lockdown I realised that it’s not that I’m anaemic it’s just the mind-set which I created with myself and made excuses of not getting enough time due to work schedule. By this I cheated myself and my body was not at all flexible. 

I started doing exercise slowly from the day – 4 of lockdown and now I can do many exercises. My body is flexible now and I’m able to do stretching without any one’s help.

The bottom line 

So the healthy lifestyle, your passion and right habits can be brought back to your life. Spend this lockdown time wisely by concentrating on yourself, there must be some hidden talent in you, make the best out of this period. Eat healthy stay healthy.