Fasting a boon


  • Scientifically, if fasting done in a right way is an effective way to ignite the digestive fire and discards accumulated toxins from the body and mind.
  • If fasting, we should make sure that we should have a lot of roughage in the diet in the form of fruits, milk, some lemon water, jeera – ajwain water, it suits stomach and helps digestion.
  • Fasting helps in weight loss too if we stick to healthier options and it will help us in feeling lighter and happier.
  • It also boosts peace of mind and gives the will power to stay away from unwanted binge eating and cravings.
  • The current food unhealthy habits create hypertension and cardiovascular problems. Fasting helps the body remove toxins and dilutes the body.
  • This way of staying without food or only with the intake of light food also alleviates gas, lightens the body, person becomes more mentally clear, freshness of breath, cleaner tongue and preserves overall health.

Fasting a bane


  • In some communities foods like sago wada, chips, bhajiyas, samosas which are deep fried and processed foods/ junk foods are had during fasting days. Because of this the whole idea of fasting just goes haywire.
  • We have to make sure that the intention behind the fasting stays.
  • A danger of dehydration exists where water is restricted in fasting practices.
  • Gastric acidity can occur which results in a sour taste in the mouth, a burning in the stomach.
  • Also peptic ulcer, malnutrition, nutritional anemia, and loss of weight, which may have deleterious impact on health and oral health.
    The restriction of, or abstention from certain foods, may have a directly have an adverse impact on the health of people who are involved in such rituals

Conclusion: Fasting either religiously or otherwise is not bad but should be done in the right healthy way under the supervision of a qualified dietitian