An empty mind is a devil’s workshop, but if the mind is channelized properly then the outcome is good! 

It’s been more than a month since the lockdown has been announced and everyone is trying different ways to keep themselves occupied during this free time. This lockdown has brought out everyone’s hidden talents. People are getting creative with their culinary skills, art and craft, music, singing, dance, home based exercises, yoga and many such activities for which they couldn’t find time due to their busy routines. I hope people continue with their passion for these things post lockdown as well.

I too tried my hand at making a couple of interesting dishes which I wouldn’t have made otherwise but as a nutritionist, I was thinking in what way people can eat healthy meals during this lockdown? I felt these meals should be made using minimum food resources, cooking gas and utensils which will also save water.

I tried cooking such meals which are simple, compact, well balanced, one dish meals or one pot one shot meals and posted them on my social media pages for people to read and try out. I was happy to see a good response to my posts and that encouraged me to come up with more such recipes.

Another positive outcome from this lockdown was that I practiced kathak regularly, a dance form which I am learning. It was a great form of exercise for me and I really enjoyed doing it. It is an art form that exercises the entire body. The eyes express the emotions of the dance, the neck and hands help in performing the dance and the feet and backbone help to balance the body. It also improves flexibility and stamina. Dance improves memory skills as the brain is exercised to understand and memorize the taals. It allows you to express different emotions, so it is a great stress buster.

Food and exercise are two important aspects of a good and healthy lifestyle and I am glad I was able to focus on them during this lockdown period as well! 

Let’s fight this virus with positivity and creativity and keep our health on priority.