Yes, I know, this is lockdown period and many people are suffering from COVID -19. Many are worrying about how to earn daily wedges and feed family. Migrants are waiting to reach their native place safely. All world is trying to be safeguarded from infections and want to live long life. (I really have sympathy for them). So, it’s our responsibility to stay home during this critical situation.

I know this is not a happy situation. But I feel this is a chance to rediscover yourself! Giving time to the busiest person that is ‘You’ Exploring hobby you love is the best way to express yourself and a big chance of self- introspection!

Being a Dietician and Fitness Trainer, my day start with exercise batches early morning and ends with cooking for dinner. I never get free time, though my first love is always ‘painting and crafts making’. From my childhood days, I am fond of drawing, painting and making creative artistic crafts.


Being a daughter of an artist (my father is a graduate in G.D. Arts), I inherited some qualities from him. I still remember he used to teach me how to draw, which colour combination is suitable and how to paint. I even got a prize for painting in 5th Grade.

Best out of waste-

I inherited this quality from my gradma. She never wasted anything. She used to make small artistic crafts for Gouri Ganesh Chaturthi Pujan. So I created some photo frames from my own painting from waste cardboard and newspaper.

Home Decoration- 

From when I have shifted to our new own house, I was thinking to decorate it in my own way. So I started making artistic work. Handmade crafts give you immense pleasure of creativity. I think things created by your own hands release positive energy.

Cooking healthy Recipes- 

My mother always emphasized on healthy cooking and eating. As I am Dietician, I always think of finding some new recipes and altering some old recipes to newer and healthier forms. I tried these skills extensively during lockdown.

Self discovery- 

I also started performing meditation for some time in a day. Recently I lost my Father in law that made me sad and weak from inside. I was not getting how to come to normal. Before lockdown, daily chores used to keep us busy and we were adapted to that routine. Meditation helped me changing my thoughts into positive thoughts and gave me strength.

Exploring any hobby is a kind of meditation itself. It’s a therapy for dull mind. Time never stops for anyone and never comes back, so try to make this lockdown time creative and enjoyable by doing the things you love. Try to give something best out of you to the society. It will definitely help you to harvest “The Best Version of You”.