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Wish All Nature Cure (Dr. Vishal Dev)

Wellness Consultant

Doctor of Naturopathy & Natural Medicines (ND/NMD) Diploma in Oncology & Haematology B.A (Physical Education) B.Ed (English & Physical Education) Diploma in Mass Communication

2-5 years experience

From Rs. 99 - To Rs. 42300

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Wish All Nature Cure is a health and wellness Naturopathy consultancy clinic which provides various health services like Wellness Consultancy, Fitness Test, Diet Plans, Counselling, Seminars/workshops, Crash Courses ( Naturopathy beginners) and above all motivation to stay fit and healthy, simply by following the laws of nature. We specialize in Personal Individual Diets (DIP Diet, My type Diet, Bio Diet, Bio Plus Diet). Personal Individualized acts like Natural Medicines & Therapy that exactly matches your biological profile and helps you to lead a healthy life in a natural way. We strongly believe that if there are 7.5 billion people on earth there are 7.5 billion different diets. Each and every individual are different from each other and so are the diets and exercise regimes.

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