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Wellness Coach

MSc , Yoga Teacher Training Course ,

more than 10 years experience

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Working with Just for Hearts since 3 years as a “Yoga & Dance Expert”  as well as “stress management counselor “she is dance instructor and certified  yoga trainer. she has passion for dance. She has acclaimed national and international fame in dance. Represented India in International Festival Raleigh (USA) 2011 and 2012 in the dance and art category . Choreographed more than 50 songs in USA, which won many prizes. Active member of Heritage India Society, NC, USA, for restoring cultural heritage of India. First Prize in all India National Level Dance Competition (Fest O Com) .Won the Runner up trophy in the “Folk Dance Competition- Lavni Challenge” .Associated with the Duke Dance Program, Duke University, Durham NC, USA, and performed in various events organized by the university. She believes that ' anybody can dance and everybody should dance, to be healthy , happy and enjoy Life'. Actively Involved in Just for Hearts corporate activities related to Yoga , Stress  ,Dance & Aerobics .

Blogs By Shanti Pise ( Wellness Coach ) - Pune.

  • Suryanamaskar

    Suryanamaskar – SarvangSundaramVyayam Suryanamaskar is one of the best forms of warmup exercise. One cycle of Surya namaskar consists of 12 yoga poses which has alternate contraction and extension of… [...] Read More..

  • Baddhakonasana

    Baddhakonasana is also termed as butterfly pose in English. It is one of the most simple forms of sitting Yoga asana. Sitting with both the feet joined in namaskar and then… [...] Read More..

  • ParivrittaTrikonasana

    ParivrittaTrikonasana is an extended version of Trikonasana.In this asana, the upper part of the body is completely twisted and bending sideways. Proper body alignments: Front foot point straight, back foot… [...] Read More..

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