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Gayathri Nishanth


PG Diploma as Diabetic educator ( PROJECT HOPE) MSc in food science and nutrition BSc in food science and nutrition

more than 10 years experience

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Hi Friends , I am nutritionist and dietician by profession. I believe in holistic nutrition practices. Having hospital experience of 11 years gave me a deep insight into health and happiness as they are more profound and lasting. In my experience I have seen many diabetics, cardiac and neuro patients. I am a trained Diabetic educator. I would not only do diet counselling but help you change overall lifestyle changes that is essential for healthy and extending overall life span. "Eat healthy, live better". The elements of a Healthy Well Balanced life is Eating healthy, positive mind set, peaceful sleep, helping others and stress reduction. It is culmination of all these can help us lead a long and better life.  

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