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Ankita Chowdhury


MSc in Dietetics and Food Service Management BSc in Applied Nutrition

5- 10 years experience

From Rs. 1200 - To Rs. 5000

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Hi Friends,I am a nutritionist and a consulting dietitian with an experience of 8 yrs and my experience includes the internship with food industries and hospital and working in slimming centers, MNCs, working as a freelancer and doing consultations for corporates, conducting talks and presentations for various companies, associations, and schools. As a nutritionist I believe in providing a holistic diet and lifestyle intervention program which will not only bring changes in terms of weight loss or the goal of the client but also overall fitness,good sleep and stress reduction as I firmly believe in the famous saying that says “don’t start a diet which has an expiration date but focuses on a lifestyle that will last forever.”

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