Whenever a child is born, a mother is born too! She is overjoyed to see her precious miracle for the first time even though her body has reached the maximum limits & is exhausted. The new mom needs good nutrition & proper rest. Giving birth to a child takes a lot of toll on her body. Post-delivery the nutrition needs are also increased.

Often, new moms, especially those who have become moms for the  1st time, have ambiguity regarding baby’s needs, feel out of shape & complain about lack of ‘me’ time & hence, feel stressed. In such condition, they should seek help by taking advice of the elderly in the house in order to understand the ways by which baby communicates & what action is meant for what. Also, it is completely ok to feel out of shape & you can lose that extra weight once the routine is stabilized. Till then it is difficult to follow a regular diet & exercise pattern.

Often mothers complain that they have to eat the leftovers of baby which leads to excess eating & gradually leading to excess weight gain. In such case, mothers should consider preparing only small amount of food for the baby at first & you can always prepare more if needed.

She can steal some sleep whenever her baby is sleeping.

The diet of a new mom should comprise of iron & calcium rich foods especially, as they are the major nutrients required post-delivery for both the baby & the mother. Galactogogues such as- watercress seeds, poppy seeds, shatavari, fenugreek seeds, milk, etc. should be consumed especially by mothers suffering from insufficient breastmilk supply. Foods that increase prolactin secretion such as apricots & dates, along with all the vegetables & fruits (seasonal) should also be consumed.

Avoid junk foods & fast foods. Prefer home-made hygienic food. Water intake should be ample as it helps in breastmilk secretion. Breast feeding should be gradually decreased after 6 months.

New moms are also stressed when it is time to start weaning foods. I would like to suggest that start with traditionally followed foods i.e, dal water, rice water & coconut water (according to season). Once tolerated start with vegetable soups & fruit juices, these should be accompanied by breast feeding 2-3 times a day as required by baby.

Once the baby is six months old his/her sleep pattern is a bit regularized than earlier, the mother can then have exercises started regularly. Yes, the new born baby rocks but a new mom’s life can be rocky. Don’t be stressed & frustrated as it will do no good to any of you. Along with the physical stress & nervousness about whether she is doing right to her baby there are also other social burdens that she faces.

I just want to tell all the new moms out there, don’t let any one judge you for, you know your child better than anyone else. Don’t compare your child with other’s as every child is different& you have a unique one!