We still live in a society where channels are changed rapidly when a television advertisement of condom pops up. We avoid seeing such things when children are around because we believe things should get exposure at the right time and and at the right age. But are we really catching the right time?

The first thought should be given on, is it really necessary to delay little more? and if the answer if a firm yes then you should explore and study all the options available for contraception before selecting one.

If you’re in your reproductive years and have an active sex life, equip yourself with the right information on birth control. Don’t Google and take decision in stead, talk to a doctor about the various birth control methods, voice your concerns and get all your questions answered by your gynaecologist. Not using the right contraception can affect your health in long term.

Every pregnancy in the world should be wanted, so if you don’t want it, don’t let it happen.