Yoga Webinars for better productivity

Date(s) - 08/04/2020
12:00 am - 3:00 am


Managing your older fitness regime must be challenging with the recent development of lockdown. But as we move to a more inactive lifestyle, the importance of exercise increases. The daily 1-hour workout will keep your mind & body fit making you more productive.  Yoga is known as a complete workout which can be leant easily, there is no age restriction and you do not need any gym gear. There are 4 distinct benefits of conducting online Yoga sessions- 1- There are fewer chances of physical injury in Instruction led Yoga session. 2- If you have any doubt, you can directly ask the trainer. 3- You can join the session right from your home. So, travel time is saved. 4- Yoga helps to improve Work-Life balance, improves mental health and keep you physically fit.   Just for Hearts held a Health Webinar aka Yoga Session, which was conducted by certified Yoga teacher  Pooja Jadhav for  Acuity Company. The webcams were filled with wide smiles, and beautiful yoga poses. If you wish to conduct similar online Yoga session, please write to us at