A Bone Density Test is a way to measure the strength of your bones. The test helps to find and treat bone loss & prevent them from likely complications like Osteoporosis, fractures and disability as we age. Who should get the BMD test done?

  • If you are above 60 years
  • If you have weak bones or have any injuries before the age of 50
  • If you are approaching menopause
  • If you are on certain medicine which hampers the bone density
  • If you have received a bone marrow transplant
The BMD test is quick and painless. It does not require fancy set-ups or large manpower. A small, portable machine is enough to carry out all operations. You don't have to wait to get the report. It is auto-generated and easy to share. JFH is bound to take care of each and every individual who seeks a healthy life. Apart from our Corporate clients, we do reach out to all sectors of society, especially to women and small children. In the occasion of 'Haldi-Kunku' ceremony which is considered to be an auspicious event in Maharashtra, we conducted a BMD test for over 140 middle-aged women of 'Rashtravadi Mahila Mandal'.  In the overwhelming response to the health check-up, the group exchanged their views and need to undergoing such useful tests for women with one another & also requested for more tests with team JFH.