Self Grooming- Groomed outside, Confident inside!

Date(s) - 24/01/2020
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Have you ever given a thought that only half an hour a week on Self-grooming can make your personal & professional life hassle-free and make you more confident? and that too with easy-to-follow, quick and low-cost life hacks? Yes, it is possible. Today we are going to discuss how a well-groomed look at the workplace is making people more efficient, productive & successful than people who ignore the importance of self-care. But before that let's find out the reasons why people don't want grooming to be a part of their daily life.

  1. Too expensive - Self-grooming has always mistaken as overindulgence on the beauty services.
  2.  Time-consuming - While juggling between the house- work responsibilities working mothers, senior professionals and long-distance commuters always face a time crunch. So they never have grooming on their priority list.
  3. Only women thing - Many think that grooming is equal to make up application or working on fashion sense.
So, what exactly Self-grooming is? It is a deliberate effort to improve overall personality which is an important aspect of career growth. Irrespective of gender, job responsibilities & designation. According to Self-grooming experts, with better time management skills & tips which we share at the Corporate grooming sessions, employees who dedicate 30-45 minutes in a week for grooming feel more confident when they are making presentations, interacting with peers and striking conversations with new people/ clients. So, here are bunch of advice for you to Look Good, Feel Good.
  • Choose the right product- Understand your skin type & buy only those product which suits you. A person with clear and shiny skin is more presentable than the one with heavy makeup or dull skin.
  • Make easy-to-carry kit - Nowadays we get travel kits which contain small bottles and boxes. You can keep re-filling these with your skincare products and other necessary products. Also carry small nail cutter, filer, tweezer etc in case you forget every time.
  • Go easy on trends - Not every fashion, lifestyle or fitness trend is for you. Think before spending money on clothes, accessories, beauty trends, fitness gadgets or diet fads. Mindless expenditure will leave you burnt out rather than polishing your personality.
  • Manage Hair - Be it man or woman,  trimmed hair gives a neat and tidy look. Getting rid of unnecessary hair growth is equally important. If men want to keep a beard, its better be in good shape.
  • Health is important - Make necessary doctor visits happen without fail. Healthy gums & teeth leave a lasting impression. So, visit the dentist twice a year. Learn relaxation techniques. People always like to be around happy people rather than those who complain.
These wonderful tips do not require any additional expense plus they can be slipped into your regular routine. We recently had a Self-grooming session for our Mumbai based esteemed client where JFH Self-grooming expert Ms Aditi Khanna interacted with the participants. JFH Self grooming expert Ms.Aditi Khanna handing over the Skin-care grooming gift hampers to participants.