Date(s) - 05/12/2019 - 06/12/2019
12:00 am


When it comes to Self-grooming, many people think of it is an additional or unnecessary expense. Or men do not need it. But Self-grooming is just not visiting beauty parlors or visiting high-end salons, but it a process of maintaining a healthy body, external appearance, and overall personality to fit into the professional decorum of the workplace. Hence it is recommended to both men and women employees to take self-grooming sessions which nowadays arranged at the workplace run by experienced Grooming experts. Here are some zero expense and quick self-grooming rituals which you can include in your daily routine-

  •  Nail trimming - Carry a nail cutter in your Laptop bag in case you always forget to trim nails at home.
  •  Hair cut - Forget styling, just trimmed hair gives a neat & tidy look. It also a great time saver for those who always run late.
  • Skincare at home - Supple and nourished skin is a great foundation to carry all the expensive cosmetics. Even if you do not want to apply any make-up, keep your skin moisturized in all the seasons.
  • Smell good - Don't skip the shower in winters. Avoid strong perfumes and deodorants which will give a headache to others. Choose light fragrant and long-lasting perfumes which last the whole day and boosts mood.
  • Oral hygiene - White teeth and fresh breath leaves a positive impression when you meet new people at the workplace. Visit the dentist twice a year.
  • Body hair - Too long body hair can leave you sweaty and smelly lowering down your impression among colleagues. There are several ways to get rid of body hair like trimming, shaving, waxing. You can also think about getting permanent hair removal from authorized clinics.
  • Clothing & Accessorising- Pick clothes that suit you and are comfortable as per the season. Use minimum accessories. Don't wear too tight or too loose clothes. Create your style rather than following trends blindly. It will drop your confidence at a significant level.
  • Well fitted footwear- Shoe bites and clenched feet takes away all peace. Never wear new shoes if you are going to give a standing presentation or running around the new office with your boss.
These tips are easy to follow and can be taken care of in just half an hour per week. Try inserting these hacks in your daily routine so that you do not feel you are spending too much time in it. Decide some budget & stick to it. So that you do not end up spending more. In the beginning, you may feel a little awkward or anxious. But do not leave in between. Just keep in mind, it is going to add to your higher self-confidence and professional growth as an individual.