Date(s) - 12/12/2019
12:00 am


Every Wellness Activity has a beautiful way of adding happiness, and health to your life. These activities are carefully planned in a way in which you enjoy every single moment of it while learning about health, wellness, and fitness. Nutritional Carnival is one such beautiful wellness activity, which is special in its own way.It is a very fun-filled activity, which includes both male and female employees. The carnival includes various games, which are designed to express the importance of nutrition in our everyday life. Debunking popular myths, and providing actual nutritional facts is also an important part of this carnival. Along with this, a discussion on superfoods, and how to use them is also explained by certified nutritionists and dieticians. Last, but not least, is the live kitchen activity, which is extremely fun. Experts will teach you how to cook delicious, and nutritious snacks, salads, and no-oil dishes, which will be fueled by an open discussion on the ingredients used, their substitutes, and their significance. Nutrition Carnival is always in high demand, and why shouldn’t it be? Festive vibes, health, and nutritional guides, along with delicious bites.