Date(s) - 09/12/2019
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


We eagerly wait for the 'Annual Sports Day' for the entire year. Its the time when we get some free time from the monotonous work routine. We all either love playing sports or supporting our favourite teams. By all means, we all find sports activities very much engaging and energetic. Activities like Tug-of-war, Cricket match, marathon, Trekking, Fun team games  etc are some of the popular activities included in the Corporate sports event. But there is a high chance of physical injuries in such events. A person can get injured if he is not habitual to the physical exertion and he suddenly indulges in high-intensity movements. The most common injuries affect the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons leaving the person uncomfortable for the next few days. This brings down the whole enthusiasm of the event and also can make him/her visit hospital and loose on workdays. So, it is extremely important to provide immediate medical help to avoid further complications. That's where making a doctor available at the location becomes an integral part of the activity. In the recent Annual Sports Day at SBI Life Insurance, Mumbai the team made sure to make the doctors available at the sight to attend to the emergencies. JFH is happy to partner with the esteemed brand for their thoughtful approach towards their workforce. Call us today if you wish to have our services. Contact number - 020 27293337