Date(s) - 09/12/2019 - 20/12/2019
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You open your mailbox at the work, look at the event announcement that your HR has sent to you about today's Wellness event and you feel whether I should go to this one or should I just go next time. There can be ‘N’ number of reasons for not attending the Wellness event. Maybe your calendar is booked, maybe your friend isn't attending, maybe you have no interest in that particular activity or maybe that activity is for a specific group in which you don't belong. But these reasons should not keep you from the perks and fun part of the workplace. Dive into the article to find out why your workplace should have activities like Workplace Health Carnivals and how it has started becoming the preferred choice by the employers as well. 1)     It's all-inclusive There is something for everyone in Health Carnivals. The widespread activities accommodate employees having different inclinations and interests. Some of the most demanded activities are Art sessions in which the participants can create their own masterpieces within an hour. Click on the link below to see the snippets of Gond Art, Impasto Knife Painting workshop, Coffee painting. Gond Painting ,Coffee painting   Another most favorite activity is Live Kitchen where the Diet & Nutrition experts prepare healthy food like Salads, no-oil cooking, Healthy soups and Mocktails, No-sugar sweet recipes, Gluten-free delicacies, Healthy Snacks, etc.Live Kitchen-Sugar free recipes   2)     It’s a long duration activity Very few times, there is compensation for the missed opportunity. If you can’t attend your favorite activity for some reason, there is still some more left in the kitty. And at least 2 activities are planned each day for 5-6 working days. It depends on the employees how many they want to attend. It's free and open to all.   3)     Boosts teamwork and challenges innovation in employee The Health Carnival is the platform to bring every single employee under one roof. When people from different academics, areas of interest and work experience together there is great idea mix and innovation. The group activities help foster a stream of communication and bring ease which is useful for inter-department assignments. Ultimately creating a workplace which supports the overall growth of its employee.   Happy participants Reach out to us if you wish to hold a Health Carnival at your workplace. We will be happy to assist. Please call on 020-27293337