Date(s) - 13/11/2019
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They say 'an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure'. Most of the times, the outside chaos suppresses the alarming signals our bodies try to give. Things like Fever, cough N cold, body ache, Joint pain are often ignored by us or treated with home remedies. But if ignored for a long time or if they are recurrent they may turn into something very serious and you may end up spending a huge amount of money on Medication and even hospitalization. Hence it is important to undergo regular preventive health check-ups. And now this facility is made available at your organization's premise itself under Corporate Wellness program. In this, one can get benefited by taking different tests like PFT, Hearing, Eyesight, Body-weight Index, Bone Marrow Density test along with a fully personalised consultation by experts. Such camps are useful

  • as they are done at the company premise, no need to travel or even pay for the parking ticket.
  • Saves your medication cost
  • Helps for early diagnosis
  • Enhances the chances of positive response to the treatment
  • Saves time as all tests are done under one roof
  • Immediate report sharing