Date(s) - 26/11/2018
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Get fit while you dance! Bollywood Dance fitness is the new trend. Dance is no more restricted to the School Annual Functions or Society Cultural gatherings. Many of us have opted Dance over gym and home exercise routines because of the fun element and its several health benefits. The Bollywood Dance Fitness is the new Fitness mantra. Person of any gender or age group who has basic knowledge of rhythm can join. Like earlier times, you don’t have to spend 8-10 years to learn the techniques of any particular dance form. The Bollywood Dance is the mix of Western, Classical, contemporary and freestyle dancing which allows having the taste of all dance forms. The class lasts for 1 hour, starting from warm-up exercises, then 30-40 minutes of Heart -pumping dance steps which are pre-set by a trainer and then 10 minutes of cool down. The high energy workout burns around 860 calories, pumps more oxygen in the system, brings rhythm to the body, reduces weight and relieves stress. Dance Trainer Mr. Yogesh conducted a Bollywood Dance session at Zensar Technologies, Pune. Participants enjoyed this fun-filled and enjoyable activity.