Teaching job is very challenging. The responsibility of teachers to prepare their students to face the outside world is becoming critical, but it is also adding to the stress in their day to day life! The students have access to all kind of information through the Internet, libraries and student forums life before. Today' students are more experimental with their learning ways for which the professors must be prepared. They should be open-minded and flexible to get adjusted to the ever-changing and ever-evolving psychology of their students. But all this can be exhaustive and lead an individual burnt out mentally and physically. In this case, small lifestyle corrections, relaxation techniques, and some time management skills are very beneficial. Here are some quick-fix techniques for all the lecturers who are always on the toes. 1- Adopt a healthy lifestyle.  Create a week's Healthy menu, so that your body gets all the necessary nutrition. Take out at least half an hour for exercise. Learn breathing techniques which can be done right at your desk. 2- Be young at heart- Talking is the language your students speak is a great bonding tool. It will work as a bridge between you and them which will make the learning process fun for everyone. 3- Be Up to date -  Knowledge is power. It will give you an added advantage if you have a piece of extra information to their questions. Prepare yourself with interesting facts, statistics, ideas before entering the classroom. 4- Look good - Many teachers think that a good dressing will spoil their image as a teacher. But it is in fact the other way round. Regular grooming and elegant styling leave a lasting impression on students. Do not overdress, but pick something which suits you and keep you comfortable a whole day. 5- Pursue hobby -  Learning an instrument, reading a book, going on trekking, painting, all these activities are real quick stress busters than watching television, shopping or gossiping. Create a slot for your long lost interests in your busy schedule to bounce back with the same energy. We recently held a Stress management workshop for the college staff and lecturers of Poona College. The session was conducted by JFH expert Ms.Varsha Vartak.  She highlighted the fact that why in today's challenging world, stress management is crucial for the teachers.