India is considered to be ‘ Diabetes capital of the world’ and the number is alarmingly increasing day by day. The reason can be family history or body conditions, but most of the time it happens due to the lack of exercise, wrong Diet habits and Stress.  The only way to prevent diabetes is altering the lifestyle, be active and manage stress. There are two types of diabetes. The pancreas situated in the abdomen secretes the hormone called Insulin which processes the food and maintains the blood sugar levels. When the pancreas produces little amount or no insulin, it is called as Type 1 Diabetes. And when the body fails to utilise the insulin effectively, it is called as Type 2 Diabetes which can be cured with some Lifestyle changes. Prolonged Diabetic conditions develop many health complications occur. It can cause Cardiovascular disease, Nerve damage, Kidney failure, Hearing impairment, depression and eye damage. Therefore maintaining the blood sugar levels is crucial for diabetic patients. Beat Diabetes is a nationwide Awareness programme by Just For Hearts. Our experienced and qualified Diabetes Educator Army is actively educating the society about this fatal disease and its management. The programme revolves around introducing the disease and risk factors ,the techniques to adopt a healthier and active lifestyle, stress management and daily sugar monitoring importance in chronic cases.They also encourage the group to take Blood sugar diagnostic test for you and your family members even if you are not diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetes is developed due to stress which has occupied everyone’s life today. As diet control is the major factor in Diabetes control, we don’t want you to kill your temptations. The session is ended with the preparation of some Diabetes-friendly but delicious Salad preparations. A bowl of fresh salad with leafy vegetables, less sugary fruits and Dry fruits is easy on the stomach, nutrient-rich and fulfilling. Be a part of JFH Diabetes Awareness Programme and live life to the fullest. Dietitian Pooja Jadhav & Dietician Manasi peshwe at Indua Towers, Pune.