In today’s world, learning self-defence is crucial for women. There are various benefits which can be availed through this training. Do not wait until someone comes to your rescue, learn self-defence to be your own bodyguard. Self-defence keeps mind alert & body strong to fight any sudden attack. More Self-confidence – The fact that you can protect yourself at any time of the day will keep you less anxious. You can focus on other productive things than to worry Physical strength – The exercises involved in Self defence will keep your body fit. Increased awareness – You will be more observant once you understand how the attacker thinks. It will give the insight to be more alert about your surroundings. Fitness expert Ms.Mr.Rakesh Runwal, a qualified & experienced  Karate Trainer, demonstrated various types of attacks & techniques to fight back at Cross Country, Aundh .He briefed the group what is the psyche of an attacker and how a woman who knows the Self-defence can beat it. The participants actively participated in all the exercises & thoroughly enjoyed.