Why annual Eye check up is important if you are working in the IT sector?

Date(s) - 24/01/2020
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It's not a secret that the person working in the IT sector has to spend his whole day in front of the Computer desktop every single day. The harmful ultraviolet rays that emit from the computer screen damage the eyes.
If you undergo a test, the doctor can evaluate & prescribe further medication before too much damage takes place.
But most of the times in the hustle and bustle of life we don't step on the doctor's clinic until we face any problem. Like redness, irritation, dry or watery eye, headache, blurry vision etc. But this can be avoided with one simple step. That is undergoing an annual eye check-up in which the likely complications can be detected and fixed beforehand.
We also need to understand that in the last few years, apart from our computer exposure, the screen time has significantly gone up. Television sets, Ipad, Mobile and different virtual reality games keep us glued to the screen day in and day out causing an enourmous damage to the eye blood vessels.
Hence having eyes tested every year will be a good preventive measure.  In our recent Eye Health Check Up camp held for our esteemed IT client at Chennai, Pune and Bangalore around 285 employees got benefited.