Date(s) - 01/12/2019
12:00 am


World AIDS Day takes place every year on 1st December at a global level. Looking at the rise in the HIV infection and understanding that only awareness can stop AIDS, different events are being held at various levels of the society starting from school and colleges to workplaces like manufacturing setups, Corporate sectors, public sectors, etc. This year, we arranged an AIDS awareness session at Brembo Brakes India, Chakan under the guidance of Dr.Suryavanshi who interacted freely with all 50 participants. Here are some highlights of the sessions- He said, " HIV is a lifelong infection. Though the early diagnosis and modern-day treatment can reduce the infection reaching the severe level and the risk of passing on the virus, the chances of survival are very less. The infection attacks the immunity system causing multiple dysfunctioning of the system." He further explained the causes and symptoms of the infection leaving the room open for Question and answer session. After the session, posters and flyers containing the complete information of the infection were distributed to the participants.