The first day when lockdown was declared, I was like a blank page with no idea of what is going to come in a new day, there was no hope to call it a new day.

Slowly as the sun rose and was visible from the window, few new rays of a good being with lots of new thoughts, unknown which would be acted upon. When I enrolled for the first course on Philosophy related to Yoga thinking this would get over in a day and then what next? 

As I started with the course which I thought was just to listen and let go, but since I had lots of time I thought of plotting down important points and ended up writing nearly everything which took a pretty long time, which made me think that I did not know many things! Here I came to know that there are many things which I need to understand which till now I had only learnt not known.

Being into teaching Yoga, writing books on Yoga, but it was like read a book, point out required things and write it down. Now when I read the same things I found that I know nothing, this was the time to go back to reference books, read it, now it was understandable. Trust me I never knew the Philosophy so well which I understood in these days. 

One more important thing which I got time for was avoiding things which I was allergic to. Being out throughout the day, not having many options in food made me eat a few things which I was not comfortable with. Now I have enough time to make things vegan and was free from my allergies though not 100%. 

The most important thing was, time for myself. Being into Yoga, I always heard my Mam saying “this 1 hour is for our self” I never understood this sentence then. But now when I have time and space for myself, I feel blessed for that 1 hour which I spent in doing Yoga followed by Pranayama which leaves me fresh the entire day and also helps me get rid of my allergy symptoms. I would like to thank a friend of mine for taking Yoga sessions online and involving me in that. A few asana which I could not do but these days gave me time and patience to get perfect into these asana. Now I feel these were the best days I spent in my entire life!