lactating women, Every woman’s most favourite period of life is when she becomes a ‘mother’. Motherhood completes the term women hence it’s crucially important to take extra care during lactation for both mother and baby.

Energy, proteins, good fats, calcium, iron, vitamin-A, vitamin-B, vitamin-C are the top most essential nutrients one must take care during breastfeeding.

Important factors to take into consideration during lactation:

Diet tips for lactating women

  1. Lactating mother’s nutritional requirement should be met with her daily diet
  2. Should provide enough nutrients for the growing infants
  3. Should look and cater to the milk production
  • Nutritional requirement are maximum during lactation compared to any other age group in a women’s life hence the diet should be balanced and meet the requirement.
  • The diet can include lactogogues which stimulate the production of milk. Garlic, milk, almonds and garden cress seeds are considered to increase the milk production in certain regions of India.
  • Weight gain beyond the desired for body size, should be avoided. When the baby is weaned, the mother must reduce her food intake in order to avoid obesity.
Recipes Reasons
  1. Almond porridge
  2. Chia seeds pudding
  3. Rice flakes porridge 
  4. Oats and walnut porridge 
  5. carrot halwa with dry fruits
Nuts and milk are rich in good fat and helps in milk production, concentrated foods helps in meeting the increased requirements
  1. Garlic and onion chutney 
  2. Garlic with honey 
  3. Onion dosa
Good for digestion and promotes milk production
Soups and rasam Appetizers and helps in digestion and satiating