Diet Plan for Cancer 

Optimal nutritional status is important in the management of cancer. Adequate intake of all essential nutrients helps alleviate symptoms and the side-effects of the treatment (chemotherapy, radiation or surgery). Just for Hearts has come up with a diet high in proteins and micronutrients to fight against cancer. It will help you rebuild the body cells and energy levels back to normal!

Time Meal Menu Quantity
7.00 Early Morning Banana honey Smoothie 1 glass
9.00 Breakfast Egg Sandwich
11.00 Mid morning Homemade groundnut ladoo or chikki 2pc
1.30 Lunch

Daliya porridge

Baked vegetables

1 bowl

1 bowl

4.30 Snacks





1 Bowl

1 cup

6.00 Mid Evening Veg soup 1 Bowl
8.00 Dinner

Rice (soft)

Fish curry / Thick dal

Fresh buttermilk

1 bowl

1 Bowl

1 glass

10.00 Bed Time Soy milk 1 glass

Foods to Include

Whole fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pulses, milk and its products, eggs, lean chicken, fish, paneer, flaxseeds, nuts, pasteurized milk, and honey, etc.

Foods to Avoid

Avoid raw vegetables, thin-skinned and cut fruits, uncovered food, preserved and processed foods, outside food, etc.

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  • Eat six to eight small meals a day, instead of three large meals.
  • Try bland, soft, and easy to digest foods.
  • Keep up with your fluid intake. Sip clear liquids such as ginger ale, coconut water, or lime water frequently to prevent dehydration.
  • Seek foods that appeal to the sense of smell.