Diet and Corona Virus

1. Can CoronaVirus be transmitted through food?
No, there is no such evidence. Corona Virus needs a host (human or animal) to grow. It cannot grow in food.

2. Can corona be passed through eggs, chicken or fish?
The source of corona is suspected to be animals, especially wild animals, but the exact source is not known yet. Thorough cooking of non-veg food is recommended which can kill the virus. Well cooked non veg food can be consumed.

3. Can I catch Corona Virus by eating food prepared or handled by an infected person?
Corona Virus spreads through droplets formed during coughing and sneezing. The virus is also detected in the stool of infected people.

So the possibility of food getting contaminated by an infected person cannot be ruled out. Its particularly applicable to raw, uncooked and cold food. Therefore it’s important to take all safety measures while handling food.

4. Can a particular food boost my immunity or prevent me from catching CoronaVirus?
No, there is no such magic food! Healthy lifestyle practices (optimal activity, healthy food and adequate sleep) support immune function. It will also aids quicker recovery if one catches infection.

Foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin D, and Zinc are saID to improve immunity but the scientific studies on supplementation of these nutrients for boosting immunity are not conclusive.

Diet and Corona Virus

5. What precautions should I take when it comes to food?
Wash hands thoroughly before eating, cooking and between handling of raw and cooked food. Avoid cooking food if you are sick. If it is not avoidable, cover your mouth while cooking if you have a cough or cold.

Follow hand hygiene. Avoid outside food (especially raw food, fresh juices, roadside food) and cold foods (ice cream, frozen desserts and cold drinks). Consume plenty of fluids, hot beverages (soups, hot water, dal water, decoctions).

Include foods like ginger, tulsi, turmeric, mint, cloves in the decoctions which are soothing to sore throat. Avoid tobacco and excessive alcohol use.