Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs2021-12-05T15:55:55+05:30

Planning for a corporate wellness program at your company? To date, we have organized more than 1000 + events at Pan India level for the last 5 years. We at Just for Hearts offer complete wellness solutions under one roof starting from health awareness sessions to various wellness activities by making it available on your company premises.

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Just for Hearts, The Wellness Platform with a gamut of services which can be accessed anytime, anywhere! In today’s fast-paced & ever changing world, sometimes it becomes difficult to catch hold on the health & fitness, family life, socializing with friends , networking ,Mental wellness, Spiritual engagement etc. Basically we lose on every aspect of life in pursuit of career ambitions & Monetary gains which in the long run affects work-life balance.

Just For Hearts , your wellness partner is here 24 x 7 for your assistance.

Let’s dive deep to know how we help you transform your dreams to reality through a fun-filled & easy to do activities which can be done anytime, anywhere!

  • Set & Manage goals – Create your own Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle, Sleep goals using the primary survey & Biometric Calculator. Use Health trackers to keep yourself on the track. Get a pictorial report with easy to read charts & analysis diagrams.
  • Track your exercise– Connect your fitness gadgets to know exactly how much calories you are burning each day. Keeping a track of exercise will give the right direction to your efforts & keep you motivated to exercise more.
  • Be on track –Turn on reminders which will help build a habit. The app supports to reach your Hydration goals, Nutrition goals, Total footsteps a day, Doctor appointment etc.
  • Get expert advice – A team of well-experienced Health experts are just a click away. Choose your health goals, choose your health expert & get going. A 24×7 support through a Live Chat option.
  • Be an initiator– We have a bank of interesting Fun@Games , Team building exercises, Behavioural trainings which you can download & suggest your management to conduct at your workplace .
  • Increase knowledge– Don’t keep yourself limited to one aspect of lifestyle. Take a short health quiz, surveys to keep yourself updated on a different health issue that may arise due to stressful work life.
  • Motivate others– A daily health feed, Ebooks, Blogs ,Useful demonstration videos, Podcasts will keep you updated on latest Lifestyle trends around the globe. Read & share the useful content with your loved ones & keep them healthy.

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  • Workplace Events

  • Health and Activity Tracking

  • Employee Engagements

  • Interventions by Expert and Consultations

  • Successful Risk Factor Modification

  • Value for Money and Excellent ROI

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What We Do

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Track Health & Activities

  • BMI , Body Weight

  • Blood Pressure

  • Blood Sugar , HbA1C

  • Steps , Distance , Calories , Active Minutes

Fitness Challenges 

  • Compete with Real Time Challenges

  • Group Formation & Customized Leader boards

  • Weekly Engagements & focus on  Sharing Workout Selfies

  • Sharing Weekly Recipes & Health Tips

  • Gamification , Leader boards, message boards &  testimonials

Ideas for Workplace Wellness Events

Sr No Activity Brief Descriptions
1 Diet – Myths & Facts Session by Dietitian on Diet
2 Salad Tossing Healthy Salads , Quick recipes for salad , Live demos , Samples for tasting
3 First Aid First aid – Basic Life Support , Videos / Demos
4 Fun At Workplace Healthy Games which are Funny but it healthy eg Blow Balloon Game
5 Self Defense Importance of self defense

Different types of kicks & punches & defense against them etc

6 Quick Daily Workout Yoga at desk , Basic workout which we can easily practice at workplace / home
7 Yoga Session Yoga either at Desk / Therapeutic Yoga if place available , Pranayam
8 Zumba Zumba , Health benefits , Demo , actual activity
9 Workplace Ergonomics Basics of Ergonomics , Desk exercise , Demos , Importance of ergonomics in Healthy lifestyle

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Employee Wellness – Need of an hour

  • Increasing Incidence of Health issues in Young Working Professionals

  • Increasing Lifestyle Diseases Like Obesity , Stress , Hypertension , High BP , Pre Diabetes etc

  • Need of Separate Wellness Committee , Wellness Programs and Year round Health initiatives at workplace to boost productivity and build healthy work culture

  • Need of Separate Wellness Provider along with Group Health Insurance and In House Medical room Services

  • Health Insurance companies focusing on Healthy Lifestyle Promotion and condition management Programs like diabetes , hypertension , Lipid management programs to reduce hospitalization , to reduce claim rate and thus also incentivising the best performers , thus ensuring year on year renewal

  • Increasing Trends among Healthcare Professionals to focus on Wellness as Practice along with clinic and hospitals

  • Increasing Trends of opening of Wellness centers as a part of Health & Wellness Initiatives at Government levels

  • Increasing coverage of Citizens under Insurance schemes ( like Ayushman Bharat ) thus opening a lot of opportunities for Wellness Companies in recent future

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Have Questions ?

Advantages over annual health checkups?2021-12-21T14:28:44+05:30

Most of the time, annual checkups provide blanket tests & reports are left unattended without proper interpretation & action over the abnormal values. This program provides you an opportunity to take action over your risk profile & manage your health in a better way.

Want to conduct some wellness activity in the office so what types of activities JFH does?2020-01-11T18:06:12+05:30

Just For Hearts is one of the leading Corporate Wellness company providing various Onsite as well as Online Wellness services such;

  • Health sessions
  • Health Workshops
  • Health screenings
  • Specialized Health & Fitness experts availability in the corporates
  • Occupational Health clinic management / Corporate Clinics
  • Online Health Coaching                                                                                                                                                                  So share us your requirements, we can customize all the programs based on the needs of the corporate.
What are the wellness events?2021-12-21T15:51:45+05:30

Wellness events are sessions conducted to improve workplace habits like sitting posture, stress management, nutrition , exercise and health check ups for healthy future and to improve the quality of life

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