The pandemic era we are going through is affecting almost all of us. COVID 19 is still on rise and hence all are frustrated and scared.
We all are worried about what we should eat and shouldn’t and we are worried and lot many questions about COVID 19. Today I am trying to unmask the invisibility of COVID 19 in diverse populations to learn more about the viruses.

Here are the guidelines that should take care of:

1. Limit the exposure to other people: one of the best to prevent COVID 19. Do stay home and avoid going outside or in public is recommended.

2. Wash hands frequently: it’s simple but important and basic hygiene is also very important to prevent infection. At least wash your hands for 20 seconds. Or use sanitizer. Do take care that you should not touch your eyes, nose and mouth in general.

3. Regularly do clean your home surfaces with regular house cleaners or Lysol. Particularly when anyone has entered your home from outside.

4. Avoid all unnecessary travel and should avoid using public transportation.
Wear mask
Try not to touch anywhere
Use hand sanitizer
Throw away disposal gloves

5. Mask is a must. Or do cover with a clean cloth.

6. Maintain good physical and mental health by having all fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Exercise is important to keep yourself active. Laughter is the best medicine and so get healthy laugh games and watch comedy movies.

7. Regular medical appointments and medications can be arranged by video call instead of visiting clinics and hospitals.

8. Everyone should monitor symptoms of corona virus.

9. One should take care when you come in contact with COVID 19 infection. Like –
Limit your contact
Immediately call your health care providers
Do follow the instructions
Monitor temperature and your symptoms
Quarantine yourself
Protect you and your family.