We are getting subscribed into a world of subscriptions. Be it ordering food, eating in a restaurant, or watching movies. These subscriptions provide a complete experience rather than just products and services. The differentiating aspect of the 21st century is the hospitality and personalized experiences offered to the customers, and the healthcare industry is catching up to the trend.

Imagine booking an appointment easily, visiting your healthcare provider the same day, spending quality time understanding the problem and solution. Sounds unreal? That’s concierge medicine for you and we are here to offer!

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Diabetes Care Plans

Diabetes care is an important factor in blood sugar management. This is a disorder that cannot be
cured but needs to be maintained throughout the lifetime. Treatment for diabetes includes Dietary
modification, regular exercise, and regular medication. To control diabetes one needs to make changes in
dietary habits. It not only reduces carbs intake but to pays attention to other nutrients also. If you have
a history of diabetes, borderline sugar levels, or have recently been diagnosed with the condition, know more about our Diabetes care plan.

We have successfully offered 50000 + Telephonic Consultations to Diabetes Patients across India. 

Weight Watchers Pro

  • Weight Loss Program under expert Medical Supervision  
  • Dietary and lifestyle recall 
  • Specialized plan ( modification in current lifestyle and dietary patterns) 
  • Health Trackers for Steps , Exercise, Food Intake, etc
  • Exercise Guidelines 
  • Goal Setting
  • Reminders and Notifications
  • Phone and online assistance 
  • Recipe booklet 
  • Personalized Counseling 
  • Follow-up text consultations
  • Live Q-A  sessions with Experts
  • Community events like Walkathons, Online Yoga Workshops, Healthy Shopping Workshops, etc

 Assured Weight Loss under the expert supervision of our Dietitians & Fitness Coaches! No short cuts / products / false promises. 

Healthy Life Pro

Healthy Life’ means a life full of vigor, vitality, happiness, and peace!

The purpose of this subscription-based remote health monitoring is to

  • Track various Health Parameters,
  • Set Goals and Target for Healthy Life,
  • Manage/ prevent Lifestyle diseases better
  • Help a layman understand scientific and authentic knowledge in a simple way,
  • Know the myths and facts,
  • Make informed decisions on healthy lifestyle choices, and spread the word of wisdom! Some
  • Prevent and manage Lifestyle diseases such as Pre Diabetes , Hypertesnion , Obesity , Stress etc

When it comes to treating Lifestyle Diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, Stress, etc, We need to treat both Lifestyle & Disease!

COVID Home Care

Team Just For Hearts is fighting with COVID 19 Pandemic since March 2020, under the expert guidance and leadership of Dr. Ravindra L Kulkarni MD DNB FSCAI, Sr Consultant, Physician, and Cardiologist.

Tele-Health ( Video Consultations ) along with Health Monitoring as well as Health Awareness with the help of our App and YouTube Channel is the main line of activities in this fight against COVID 19

10000 +  Asymptomatic / Mild Symptomatic COVID 19 cases were treated at home by Dr. Ravindra L Kulkarni.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

There are various ways and means to improve your heart health. One of the best ways is to follow a healthy lifestyle, maintain a balanced dietary intake and get into regular activity.

Consuming balanced food for heart health will help in lowering the risk of heart diseases. Women have an increased risk for heart diseases whereas men are equally prone to conditions.  Heart diseases and weight-related issues are correlated with each other.

If you have a history of heart disease or have a family history, get started with Just for hearts personalized service. 

Comprehensive Rehab Program covering Diet, Fitness, Yoga and Psychological motivation is a must for every patient who undergoes Angioplasty / Bypass Surgery. 

Dr Ravindra L Kulkarni
Dr Ravindra L KulkarniSr Consultant Physician & Cardiologist

Conceirge Medicine by Dr Ravindra L Kulkarni

  • Guaranteed 24/7 assistance on call
  • Dedicated and sufficient time for discussion
  • Access to healthcare records
  • Testing and diagnostics
  • Consultation with specialists
  • Same-day or earliest possible appointments

Get Started using Just For Hearts Virtual Practice Platform. Download our App Now!