Healthy Life

Healthy Life’ means life full of vigor, vitality, happiness and peace! ‘HealThy Life’ (Heal Thy Life) also means Heal Your Life.

With the flood of information reaching us through the internet and social media, a common man today is in a state of sheer confusion! There are many misleading advices, contraindicating statements and luring promises to which a common man falls pray.

Success Story – Diabetes Reversal

Hello everyone, Meet Ms. Geetanjali, a 32-year-old IT professional, one of my highly motivated & sincere clients. I would like to share her inspirational success story about how she has reversed her diabetes & reduced body weight without any diabetes medications and any crash changes [.....]

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Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi 🌺 Good decision makers always ask ‘Why?’ Asking why several times gets to the core issue and provides us with the insight into the real reason. Today’s generation doesn’t follow anything just because someone is asking them to follow it, they are eager [.....]

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It takes just a moment…

#suicide_prevention It takes just a moment... Emotional pain can feel unbearable at times, especially if people lack support. It may sometimes lead to harming thoughts. We all have thoughts going on in our heads all the time, stories, reimagining of the past, beliefs and ideas. [.....]

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Sugar Stories

खूप अशक्त वाटत होतं म्हणून डॉक्टर कडे गेलो होतो. अमुक ऑपरेशन होतं म्हणून टेस्ट केल्या, त्यात शुगर आहे असं कळलं. शुगर किंवा मधुमेह या मध्ये बरेच वेळा काही लक्षणं दिसून येत नाही, आणि कधी कधी आपल्या धावपळीच्या जीवनात काही serious न वाटणारी लक्षणे जसं थकवा [.....]

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Yoga isn’t just the trend!

The origin vyutpatti of the word yog is Sanskrit dhatu verb yuj, it means to come together, to connect. Yog awakens our soul and connects us to the universe. The five elements panch mahabhuta are represented by our five fingers and have an association with [.....]

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The Value of Silence – An Eternal Gift

Silence is a source of great strength! Most of us do not like silence, because it does force us to confront ourselves. In fact, it is sometimes about what we find staring back at us that we term as emptiness. We are also fearful of [.....]

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Mind: The Power Mental Asylum

Mind is an important apparatus which cultivates, perpetrates, conforms and sometimes destroys your inner mental house!  The same of which you claim to be the sole owner!  So how does something which is yours turn against you? Why is this inner mental house sabotaged by [.....]

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