Just For Hearts celebrates various health days and events all over the year. The aim of these campaigns is to generate health awareness, build healthy habits, help to manage Lifestyle diseases such as Hypertension / Diabetes / Stress / Obesity etc

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi 🌺 Good decision makers always ask ‘Why?’ Asking why several times gets to the core issue and provides us with the insight into the real reason. Today’s generation doesn’t follow anything just because someone is asking them to follow it, they are eager [.....]

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Every Pregnancy Should Be Wanted

#contraception_day We still live in a society where channels are changed rapidly when a television advertisement of condom pops up. We avoid seeing such things when children are around because we believe things should get exposure at the right time and and at the right [.....]

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Earth’s Umbrella – Ozone Layer

#ozone_day Breathing ground-level ozone can trigger a variety of health problems including chest pain, coughing, throat irritation, and congestion. It can worsen bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma. Ozone also can reduce lung function and inflame the lining of the lungs. Chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs are the main [.....]

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Losing little more every day

#Alzheimer_day It's difficult to digest when you and the person you are with are not on the same page. This is what happens when someone suffers from Alzheimer's. Everything's is just like it was before for you but not for the one who suffers. Alzheimer [.....]

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The Four Legged Therapist (Rabies Day)

#world_rabies_day In these 2 years we have seen extreme behaviors of humans towards their pets. Some realized that pets are more dictated and we can rely on them more than humans and on the other hand with the fear of infection some dropped their pets [.....]

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It takes just a moment…

#suicide_prevention It takes just a moment... Emotional pain can feel unbearable at times, especially if people lack support. It may sometimes lead to harming thoughts. We all have thoughts going on in our heads all the time, stories, reimagining of the past, beliefs and ideas. [.....]

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Sugar Stories

खूप अशक्त वाटत होतं म्हणून डॉक्टर कडे गेलो होतो. अमुक ऑपरेशन होतं म्हणून टेस्ट केल्या, त्यात शुगर आहे असं कळलं. शुगर किंवा मधुमेह या मध्ये बरेच वेळा काही लक्षणं दिसून येत नाही, आणि कधी कधी आपल्या धावपळीच्या जीवनात काही serious न वाटणारी लक्षणे जसं थकवा [.....]

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Sugar stories : Diabetes and Covid

Corona patient च counselling करताना एक गोष्ट प्रकर्षाने जाणवली . दुसऱ्या लाटे मध्ये खूप जवळ ची माणसं आपण गमावली. हो ना ? असाच दुसऱ्या लाटेमध्ये मला मित्रपरिवारामधून एकाचा फोन आला. आहार तज्ञ असल्या मुळे लोक आधी नाही तरी अशा वेळेला नक्की call करतात व [.....]

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Family Day

#family_day सध्याच्या काळात एकत्र कुटुंब पद्धती काही कारणाने मागे पडून कुटुंब लहान होत चालली आहेत. पण याच वेळी रक्ताचे नातेवाईक नसलेल्या, अनेक व्यक्ती कुटुंबातच गणल्या जात आहेत.. आपण राहतो ती सोसायटी, आपल्याकडे येणारे मदतनीस, आपल्या मुलांच्या वर्गातले इतर पालक, आपल्या ऑफिस मधले सहकारी यांना आपण [.....]

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